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Australia’s pandemic baby boom – and what it means for the Illawarra

Hot on the heels of the December 2020 announcement by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that as a nation we are seeing the lowest birth rates ever recorded, some regions of Australia are now reporting a distinct spike in births. Speculation about the cause of these localised baby booms points to the various lockdowns that have taken place over the past year. After all, being stuck at home 24/7 with your other half must have some advantages!

Though not all areas of Australia have seen any significant change in birth rates, hospitals in Victoria have seen a particularly noticeable rise with some birthing centres reporting a 17% upswing in number of babies born compared to the same period in 2020. Some hospitals have even invested in more birthing suites to meet the increased demand.

Experts note that it will be another year or so before enough data is collated to prove there has been a significant baby boom, but there is certainly solid evidence out there that numbers of births are rising in some Australian states – with a strong prediction for regional areas such as the Illawarra.

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Researchers have studied past data trends and predict that in fact, a nationwide pandemic-induced baby boom is quite unlikely. During times of uncertainty and crisis, many people opt to put the brakes on their plans to start or expand their family, especially if their jobs or parental leave are not certain. So whether you have been creative during the lockdowns of 2020 and have a bump or a baby to prove it, or you are thinking of growing your family in 2021, Illawarra Parents Guide is your one stop resource for all things parenting in the local area.

If you are just starting out on your journey to become a parent or to add to your existing brood, the Parents Guide Illawarra website is a mine of useful information with a dedicated section on local fertility services for advice and fertility support. For expectant Illawarra mums, our directory includes many essential contacts throughout the area including providers of birthing classespre-natal exercise groups, suppliers of maternity clothing, and dedicated obstetricians and gynaecologists to support you through your pregnancy.

As the big day approaches, consult our listings to find expert local specialists such as midwives , doulas, and even to choose your birthing hospital. As an expectant parent, so much focus is often concentrated on the birth, but don’t forget that much more of your parenting life will happen after your baby arrives! Parents Guide Illawarra is there for you throughout your parenting journey with all the information you need, from baby classes to childcare to days out and family health care.

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