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Meet Assoc. Prof David Greening – Illawarra Obstetrician and fertility specialist who is changing lives

Obstetrics and gynaecology Meet Assoc Prof David Greening – Illawarra Obstetrician and fertility specialist…

For those Illawarra couples and ladies struggling to conceive, we have some very good news about accessing a fertility specialist AND a lower cost IVF model, available in the Illawarra (read on!)

And for those who have recently discovered they are pregnant, there’s not many decisions bigger than choosing who will deliver your bundle of joy. In essence, the person you choose will be there during one of life’s most profound experiences; the birth of your baby.

And it’s a decision not to be made lightly.

That’s something that Assoc Prof David Greening, a highly experienced Wollongong obstetrician and fertility guru, completely understands.

An OB/GYN since 2002, with extensive training beforehand in some of Australia and the world’s leading medical institutions, including Monash Medical centre, the very busy Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, at London in the Hammersmith IVF unit and at the prestigious Queen Charlotte’s High-Risk Obstetric Unit. So, safe to say that Assoc Prof Greening has had extensive training in obstetrics/gynaecology as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Since then, Assoc Prof Greening regularly delivers around 15 babies per month and, despite seeing the ‘miracle of life’ unfold daily, it’s something he will never take for granted having delivered over 3,000 Illawarra babies.

Delivering at Wollongong public and private hospitals, Assoc Prof Greening and his team are all about ensuring a positive outcome for patients, from conception right the way through to birth.

Assoc Prof Greening estimates that about half the couples he works with come to him at the beginning of their journey into the world of ‘making a baby’ after suffering from infertility, while the other half are women who have conceived naturally and are looking for a highly experienced OB/GYN team to care for them throughout their pregnancy.

After working throughout New Zealand, the UK and in various parts of Australia, there aren’t many things that Assoc Prof Greening HASN’T seen and his background in general practice means that you can be sure he’s got all bases covered.

“I like to think of obstetrics like a plane trip,” Assoc Prof Greening told Parents Guide Illawarra. “You’ll be onboard for 9 months, then it’s time to land the plane safely.”. And his two years as a Royal flying doctor with the RFDS means the flying analogy he experienced.

And that’s where Assoc Prof Greening’s Obstetric expertise and experience comes in.

I am like the pilot and it’s up to me to land the plane in any circumstances.”

It’s the kind of confidence and reassurance that you get from an experienced specialist who is able to handle all sorts of eventualities. Whether your pregnancy and birth are smooth sailing or hits a few rocky patches, Assoc Prof Greening and his team of two experienced midwives, is there every step of the way.

And its good news for Illawarra couples looking for that experience and dedication as Assoc Prof Greening is still able to accept new Obstetric patients looking for an exceptional level of care and expertise during pregnancy and birth.

When it comes to the deeply emotionally distressing world of infertility, Assoc Prof Greening is one of the regions foremost experts, who has now become a published author, helping to educate and de-mystify both sexes on the underlying causes and reasons for fertility.

Drawing on his years of experience with infertility, Assoc Prof Greening published his first book, ‘The Roadmap to Fertility’ (Rockpool publishers) in September, 2018 which maps out, in a very practical way, the roadblocks and possible solutions to achieving a healthy pregnancy.

When writing the book, Assoc Prof Greening had the male partner side of the equation firmly in mind, after finding that very few books included the men who were experiencing infertility and IVF alongside their partners. Most books were written to the female readers and he wrote Roadmap to engage the men.

“I found men were often backseat passengers on the infertility journey. Roadmap will engage them and get them more involved”.

Recently, Assoc Prof David Greening alongside two microsurgical colleagues, Dr Jeffrey Persson and Dr Frank Quinn, have developed the Vasectomy Reversal Group. Vasectomy Reversal Group is dedicated to vasectomy reversal.

Wherever you are in your reproductive journey, Assoc Prof Greening and his team are there to offer the best expert advice and support and are available for new patient appointments.

Even better news for anyone seeking fertility expertise in the Illawarra, Assoc Prof Greening realised in 2015, after starting out at GENEA (then Sydney IVF) in 2002, that there was a need for a lower cost model of fertility care and support for couples and families in the Illawarra. Working alongside IVF Australia, Assoc Prof Greening has since brought The Fertility Centre (TFC), which is now 6 years old, model to Wollongong to provide access to lower cost IVF, making the dream of becoming parents, a more realistic reality for hundreds of families.

And now TFC Wollongong is the first in Australia to offer all the IVF services of IVF Australia including donor eggs/sperm. Pre-implantation genetic testing PGT, and more, having achieved full licensing.

Click here to visit the Fertility Centre website, or call Assoc Prof David Greening’s rooms on (02) 4271 3900

Assoc Prof Greening’s Wollongong Clinic is open for new Obstetric, Fertility and Women’s Health patients and offers the following services listed below. It should also be noted that Assoc Prof Greening is also an experienced gynaecologist and one of the few Illawarra surgeons who can perform laparoscopic hysterectomy (using 3D technology).

– Reproductive endocrinology and infertility services

– Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


– Microsurgical vasectomy/tubal reversal surgery.

– Miscarriage Investigations Program (MIP)

– Laparoscopic and advanced laparoscopic surgery for e.g. endometriosis

– Ovulation tracking (with a dedicated nurse)

– Obstetrics

– Cervical screenings

– Menstrual disorder diagnosis, treatment and management

– Menopause support and management

– Urinary incontinence support and management

With our thanks to Assoc David Greening and his team for taking the time to speak to Parents Guide and for sponsoring this article. Being able to help those who so desperately would love to conceive and nurturing those and all obstetric patients through pregnancy, birth and to holding their precious newborns, is the outcome Assoc Prof David Greening is entirely focused upon for every single patient.

If you have any questions or want to find out more, Assoc Prof David’s experienced team is on hand to take your calls on (02) 4271 3900 / or email [email protected]

Click here to visit Assoc Prof David Greening’s website
Click here to read more or purchase Assoc Prof David Greening’s book – The Road Map to Fertility