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Pregnancy and Birth

Local businesses providing support for Pregnancy, Birth and Pre Natal Care in Wollongong / Illawarra area.

Birth Classes

Classes providing information on pregnancy, birth process, labour, pain management, birth interventions, pre natal care, breastfeeding, sleep and settling in Wollongong / Illawarra

Birthing Hospitals

Information on birthing hospital options including private, public, shared care, midwyfery in or near the Wollongong / Illawarra area


Information on doula care including pregnancy care, birthing support, homebirths, postnatal care, breastfeeding support, baby sleep & settling in Wollongong / Illawarra

Fertility Services

Local businesses providing support for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Pre Natal Care in Wollongong / Illawarra area including:

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Find private Obstetricians & Gynaecologists across the Illawarra and Wollongong

Prenatal Exercise

Pre Natal Fitness options for pregnant women including yoga, personal training, classes, pilates and more in Wollongong / Illawarra

Featured Listings

Deb Young of Younga Yoga

Deb trained with the Aust Doula College in 2010. She has supported women through a range of birthing experiences, from cesarean through to homebirth. Deb…See Listing

Corinne Harris of Angelic Births

Corinne has been a doula since 2009 and trained with Australian Doula College. Corinne is a mother of three and has an understanding of childbirth…See Listing

Birthing Love Doula Services

My name is Kelly Pyne and I am a mother to 6 wonderful children. I was blessed with 6 very different birth experiences (including hospital…See Listing

Jessica Hodgens Doula

I believe that pregnancy and birth are a sacred rite of passage, and motherhood is our greatest teacher. As your doula, it’s my privilege and…See Listing

Saltbush Clinic

Saltbush Clinic was named after one of the worlds most prolific and resilient plants. Early on we decided that one of the intension of the clinic…See Listing

Woonona Medical Practice

Well established GP practice with experienced GP’s and quality medicine. Sick kids clinic where kids are guaranteed an appointment on the day.See Listing