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Circus Monoxide

Unique circus training & gymnastic classes for kids and adults. Plus parties!



Unit 3/3 Princes Highway
Fairy Meadow, New South Wales, 2519

Circus Monoxide, based in Fairy Meadow, offer a diverse program of circus training for everyone. People of all ages can learn silks, trapeze, tumbling, minitramp, tightwire, juggling, contortion and so much more. Circus Monoxide offers term classes and school holiday activities, as well as opportunities for birthday parties, special needs classes, private classes, corporate events and performances.

Monoxide's classes differ from sport in that there is no competition with others. Everyone's achievements are celebrated and respected and so the emphasis is to have fun whilst achieving your goals and developing fitness.
If your goals are to challenge yourself and develop amazing skills, then you can do this in a safe, supportive environment. Or, if your goals are to have fun, keep fit and be social then you can achieve this simply by participating. Everyone is welcome just as they are - circus values diversity and effort. There really is something for everyone, and, if you are booking for a school aged child, Circus Monoxide is a registered Active Kids, and, Creative Kids Provider. You can register at Services NSW and get $100 off the classes.
The qualified staff at Circus Monoxide speak with a genuine appreciation and passion for the development they see in their students. It is fun, playful, yet safe place where everyone is welcome and you can check out your options by viewing the diversity of classes here or by calling (02) 4285 0066 - whether it be for you or your child!
Circus classes allow you to find your strengths and develop confidence as you follow them. Your child will be experience a diverse range of activities and the freedom and support to do more of what they enjoy. Research into the impact of circus skills training has found many benefits (The most influential work has been completed by Dr Reg Bolton 2004 - CLICK HERE for further information), including:
  • A release from the pressure of being serious and achieving, where your child's unique capabilities can be nurtured and embraced - in circus training there is something for everyone.
  • Team work and collaboration - and the trust that comes with being reliant on your team at critical moments of circus training.
  • Your child can develop aspirations - and the resilience to keep practising, even when they tumble. In circus training you never 'fail', you just haven't reached your goal yet! Circus training encourages a great work ethic and provides your child with the confidence, tenacity and resilience to find success elsewhere
  • Learning what is 'safe risk'. Circus training allows kids to develop their understanding of risk and how to achieve a challenge while minimising risk. These skills are valuable when children move to maturity and further away from the protection of their parents and carer's guidance.
  • The physical benefits of increased strength, focus, coordination and flexibility
  • Powerful benefits for children with autism as it provides an easy going, inclusive environment which encourages the individuality of each child to be expressed, building confidence and trust in a social setting.

Birthday Parties at Circus Monoxide!
We have everything you need for putting on an action packed event! Whether it’s team building, corporate fitness, or a birthday party we can make it something well and truly out of the ordinary.

We host birthday parties for people two years and up for 1.5 hours or 2 hours duration.. The Circus Birthdays parties are designed to be age appropriate and cover a range of circus skills, games and fun over the course of the session. If you wish to book a birthday party, there is an application form at the end of this information.

Days/Hours: Open every day for classes, birthday parties and venue hire

Due to our busy term class schedule we hold birthday parties on: Saturdays: 3:30pm to 5pm AND Sundays: 10am to 5pm.

Please call Barbora to find out what we can do for you on (02) 4285 0066. CLICK HERE for further information