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3 Ways Illawarra Households save on Energy Bills

Smart Energy Solutions for Busy Families: Save Money, Save The Planet

With inflation nipping at our hip pockets and energy bills set to rise, we all want to cut as much off our bills as humanly possible. One of the smarter ways to save money is to save money on your energy bills. The gas and electricity that flows out of your wires and pipes is the same – so it makes no logical sense to stay on a provider or retailer that is more expensive. Remember, the less energy you use, the better it is for the environment. Here’s how to save on energy, even if you’re a busy family.

  1. Understanding Your Energy Usage

Many energy bills will show you a breakdown of your energy use – and in detail if you have a smart meter installed – and the average usage per person relative to others in your area. The aim is to use below the average usage per person. One way to figure this out is to set up an energy diary, which tracks who uses what at each time. Though this is easier said than done with small kids plugging in iPads and laptops willy-nilly. Another idea is to invest in an energy metre that tracks this automatically. You’ll find out that many appliances are “energy vampires” – sapping trickles of standby energy that add up to big bucks over time.

2. Efficient Lighting and Appliance Practices: Bright Ideas for Energy Savings

You don’t have to swipe through Instagram by candlelight, powered by a battery pack you charged at work (although, if you can get away with it…) to save money on energy. You can spend a little more on improving efficiency. LED lightbulbs use a tenth (on average) of the power of halogen or regular lightbulbs and last much longer. Swapping old bulbs for LEDs can save a lot of money. Footswitches that turn off TVs, game consoles, and hi-fi systems instead of leaving them on standby can also grant savings. If your fridge is getting on in years, it may be time to upgrade and reap even more savings through more efficient cooling.

3. Optimising Heating and Cooling Systems: Stay Comfortable and Save

You can save money on heating and cooling by tweaking the settings of your appliances. The general rule is to keep your heating between 17-20C in winter and your cooling between 25 and 27C in summer. Any lower/higher and you are burning money. Other ways to save is to switch to solar hot water – the initial cost offset by government rebates and the like.

4. Switching Energy Suppliers: A Cost-Effective Approach to Energy Savings

One of the best ways to cut your energy bills without too much hassle is to switch energy suppliers. Many suppliers will try to differentiate themselves with “perks” such as sports tickets and streaming service subscriptions (which will cost you more when the free trial runs out) but at the end of the day, energy is energy.

Think about shopping around for a new retailer from comparison websites, such as Savvy to find some alternative and cheaper options than your current retailer and potentially save on your energy bills. Switching doesn’t have to be difficult – all you’ll need is about 10 minutes and your drivers licence or equivalent government ID. Don’t delay – sometimes you can lock in current prices at retailers that protect against rises, too!

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