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Lockdown survival / ideas / sanity savers for Wollongong Illawarra residents

Lockdown sucks. 

The loss of freedom, the financial stress, the emotional impact.

Even for the introverts amongst us, living their best lockdown life, the challenges remain firmly in place. It requires daily struggle and adjustments and considerable patience. Especially when working from home and dealing with home schooling. The long term mental health impact alone warrants enormous concern. 

We have dug deep to find the best lockdown ideas to embrace enforced home time, survive the kids (and hubby!), develop new skills and where to get out and about and still be Covid safe locally.

PLEASE NOTE – always ensure that you comply with the current Govt Public Health Order at the time – you are responsible for checking the latest lockdown rules and if the ideas below still comply at the time of reading this article;).

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Lockdown at home ideas, for all your household members or for just little old you….

Become a Master Baker!

(Yes – we  really did just say Master Baker). Sweet, savoury, a mean Coq Au Vin or a slow cooked wholesome stew with buttery mash. Get Googling recipes. Sourdough was so 2020 lockdown – take it to the next level. For the adults, match it with some delightful wines and light the candles to celebrate all the culinary mutual effort. 

Taster Night

Cooking not your thing? Order in some decadent wines and cheese, or get sampling the array of local beers we have – a great start is one top brewery serving the best lockdown brews and takeaway eats around HERE!

Cultural Day

Choose a culture you want to discover more about or love their food, cook up their culturally classic dishes and get each person to bring an interesting fact about their culture to dinner. Wanna make it fun? Get them to do a fabricated ‘fact’ and true fact and make it a quiz. 

Christmas in July (or whatever winter month you fancy)

Set the date, get everyone online with a small budget and a family member / flatmate to buy for, shop online to find that moist turkey, buy the crackers / bon bons and make sure you prep all the extras your household loves – what a way to pass a whole day! 

Get out the old LEGO

The following App HERE helps you build new creations, based on whatever Lego bricks you have (iPhone only, sorry you Androider’s). 

The Book Challenge

Reading is like a form of meditation. Commit to reading everyday for at least one month, get inspired and become more relaxed while you are at it AND get excited about what books float your literary boat. For those who don’t like to read or need to get their eyes tested, the Audible App is a great option for audio books that get read to you PLUS you receive instant downloads of your books.


Go nuts on your online shops, choose bath salts, face masks, new nail scissors, a new gentleman’s beard and moustache trimmer (works on any form of hair if you catch our drift) or make a massage menu and get your loved ones to pick what massage / beauty treatment they most want! 

Indoor Discos

Pump your fave tunes (via headphones if required) and let rip to your favourite tunes around the loungeroom. Dancing is GREAT for the soul, if’s joyful and helps burn off all the lockdown comfort eating – a double win! The whole household can silent disco till their heart’s content. 

Practice Gratitude

We are not just being sanctimonious here, it is scientifically proven to lift moods, and as a result, ward off the lockdown lows. Yes we are limited right now, but here in Australia we have been SO fortunate to have skipped the vast loss of life and 7 month lockdowns of other countries. 

Yoga / Pilates at home challenge

Our fave is Yoga with Adriene, she does heaps of free yoga online, but Google away and find whoever resonates for your experience and style. 

UPSKILL / follow a passion

We love local community college WEA Illawarra and their VAST array of online and in person courses are HERE. They offer everything from short personal interest courses to business qualifications + more! 

Water Therapy

Well, it is Winter, so we can embrace this season and our wonderful geographic advantage and immerse ourselves in the brisk, uplifting cold of the ocean or ocean pools that we have in abundance along our Illawarra coastline – want to know the benefits of cold water immersion according to the iceman guru himself, Wim Hoff HERE?  Or slap your shower onto cold for a minimum of 30 seconds a day for a mini uplift! 

Nature Therapy

Go deep in the bush baby – Sublime Point Walking Track has just re-opened (read more HERE) and there are great online sources of info for other local bush walks too. Get those nature based benefits and bump your step count whilst your at it. Our other top picks are Brokers Nose HERE and the stunning Cascades Walk and Jump Rock HERE. 

Wollongong Village Walks

Current restrictions allow for your to exercise in your LGA or within 10kms of your home – check the latest Covid restrictions before you venture out – pick a part of the Gong that ayou re unfamiliar with and go explore another village, admire the houses, absorb the vibe and it may just inspire your next move. Cutesy ‘village feel’ parts of the Illawarra include Keiraville, Balgownie, Mount Keira, Stanwell Park and Oak Flats.

Sunset / Sunrise montage

Because everybody needs a montage right? There is something magical about the sun peeking its face over our ocean as the new day dawns, and every day a new day dawning is a day closer to lockdown restrictions easing. Set yourself a challenge to capture the best sunrises (or sunsets if early rising ‘aint your thing) from your local beach or best escarpment outlook.

Illawarra Bike ride options

We are soooooo spoilt for choice here in the Gong when it comes to some of NSW’s best cycling tracks – where flat coastal routes meet rough mountain terrain ensuring there is something for every kind of cyclist from learner riders right through to old pros. CLICK HERE for a guide of some of the best cycling tracks in our region!
In the meantime, stay safe you Illawarra beauties, this too shall pass xx 

CLICK HERE also for our Staying Sane while juggling home learning article! 

You can also check out our Family Support pages under our online Local Directory HERE for local counselling and mental health support practitioners (considered ‘essential services’ at this time and are operating within COVID/NSW Govt Approved  regulations) who may be able to assist if you would like further help after reading this article.

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