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How these Illawarra kids are fastracking education again after Covid / Home- learning

Enhancing Educational Outcomes

The impact of two years of disrupted schooling and education is felt by us all.

Globally, our children have suffered. No one has been immune to the social and educational impact of Covid lockdowns.

But locally, we are seeing students flourishing again. All thanks to organisations like Zig Zag Hub in Wollongong.

Zig Zag Hub is a dedicated learning space for Illawarra kids from age 7 upwards. It is where Illawarra students unleash their creative spirit and entrepreneurial future!

The Zig Zag Hub Team are a passionate advocate for our up and coming Entrepreneurs.

Her philosophy is simple, infections and effective: “When you teach the skills of entrepreneurship to kids, you inspire confidence and skills for life. Our creative kids learn how to become master of their own destiny’.

Their tailored Saturday program ‘Entrepreneurship for Creative Kids’ takes kids age 7-17 on a super fun, creative entrepreneurial journey. The program helps future proof their skills and dramatically compliments their existing education at school.

Parents can use their Creative Kids voucher on this Saturday program ‘Entrepreneurship for Creative Kids’, Payment plans are also offered.

During the course of the program, each participant starts to master the foundations of problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and public speaking. These skills are known as enterprise skills, which build confidence, resilience and the ability to adapt.

Under the guidance of a Entrepreneurial, each participant cultivates a business idea or a solution to a problem they see in life. Each participant collaborates and shares ideas with others, so vital communication skills are enriched. 

If you have a child age 7-17 who has a creative side and wants to express their innovative ideas in a collaborative space, please get in touch with Zig Zag Hub today.

Enquiries and enrolments are being accepted now for Term 1 – places are limited so hurry!

Contact details:
Zig Zag Hub Level 4/11-113 Crown Street Wollongong
0423 809 680
[email protected]