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Psychologists and Counsellors

Psychologists and counsellors specialising in issues that affect pre-natal and post-natal women (such as pre and post-natal depression), parents (such as parenting intervention, behaviour management) and young children (such as phobias, fears & behaviour issues)

Marsden Psychology Kids Clinic

With Aristotle’s guiding maxim in mind, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Dr Nick Marsden established Marsden Clinical Psychology in 2013…See Listing

Life Connexions

At Connexions we offer a broad range of psychological services. These include treatment for mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders which…See Listing

Lotus Health & Wellbeing Centre

Lotus Health & Wellbeing provide a range of services useful to pregnant women and parents of young children, including: Iridology and /Local Directory/Family Health/Natural Therapies/Naturopathy; services. Accupuncture and/or Chinese Medicine to…See Listing

Kiora Psychotherapy

Clinical Psychologists at Miranda’s Kiora Psychotherapy listen to your issues and provide suggestions on how to change your feelings, thoughts and actions. Having someone listen…See Listing

Karen McNamara

Karen McNamara is a child psychologist in the Wollongong / Illawarra area. Contact Karen for more details.See Listing

HEAL Psychology

HEAL Psychology is a place where humans and horses work together to improve quality of life and mental health. Our mission is to help humans…See Listing


Headspace Wollongong is a free youth health service for young people aged 12-25 years. Young people have access to a variety of experienced and friendly…See Listing

Grand Pacific Health - Child & Family Services

Pregnancy and early parenthood is rewarding, but it can also bring significant changes and challenges for mums, dads and children. Support is available for you…See Listing

Fusion Child and Family Psychological Services

Danielle Crocker, Counselling Psychologist Grief Loss and Trauma Anxiety Depression Child Behavioural Issues Anger Management Parenting Personal DevelopmentSee Listing

Fostering Hope Psychology

Services Offered:   Counselling for children (ages 6 – 11) I provide compassionate and creative counselling for children, drawing on the latest developments in psychology…See Listing

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