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Marital bliss after kids – PAH! But here are interesting ways to keep you united as a couple after kids…

Let us cut straight to the chase here…

Babies and children add significant burden and strain onto a couple’s relationship… Here are some large factors that may be eating away at your contented coupledom:

  • The profound changes that kids bring to the household dynamic, to your identity, to your quality of life (less time to meet to meet your own needs), the chronic sleep deprivation, the juggle of kids and work…

  • The volumes of extra work kids bring – recent studies show how a stay at home parent performs the equivalent of 2.5 full time jobs a week!
  • The resentment that bubbles away around unfair splits in household and childcare duties versus work outside the home

  • The intensity of modern day living coupled with less parental and family support

  • The financial strain of childcare costs, reduced capacity to earn and the general escalating cost of living

  • Your kid’s needs come first, your needs get trampled on and so meeting your partner’s needs can become a distant memory!