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217 Crown St
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Bouncy Bubs is dedicated to producing quality handmade items for babies and infants. I enjoy being creative with my hands and also creating beautiful things for children. My products are bright and colourful and designed to be both Functional and Fun. I started the business in 2011 making handmade bibs from my own pattern and design. Since then Bouncy Bubs brand has expanded to include:

* Regular Bib Range

* Dribbler Bib Range

* Hair Clips: bobby pin and alligator clip styles

* Clothing

* Burper Cloths

* Bib & Burper Cloth Sets

* "Bouncy Bunnies" - our own designed Bunny softie

* Fabric Covered Wipes Cases

* Pencil Rolls

* Notebook & Pencil Set

* Nappy Wallet

* Hair Clip Holder

* Modern Cloth Nappies

Our products are custom made in beautiful fabrics with Bouncy Bubs own patterns. Our Cloth Nappies are supplied to us. Our range is constantly expanding and I plan to add more to our product line.

Current Product price range is $8 to $40

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