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ASPIRE – An Illawarra Private School for Wollongong Children with Autism & Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disability

Cedars Christian College have a small school called ASPIRE for students with an intellectual disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This new Illawarra School for Special Purpose is just 10 minutes south of Wollongong, retains strong integration into the Cedars’ mainstream school and community, all whilst allowing maximum support for its neuro-diverse students.

ASPIRE is currently catering for ASD & Intellectually Disabled Students in Years 3-6. In 2025 a Year 7 class will be introduced. Parents can enquire with ASPIRE here, or call (02) 42580400, or email [email protected]

Cedars ASPIRE school is structured in such a way to allow maximum support for its students, but also strong integration and support into the Cedars’ school community. If your child has an ASD diagnosis, an intellectual impairment and is experiencing academic challenges, then ASPIRE supports your child academically and emotionally.

ASPIRE is different from mainstream school in these ways;

  • Small class sizes with no more than 10 students ( 1 special education teacher and aide),
  • Sensory/emotional regulation breaks are built into the timetable.
  • Accommodations are made for both the classroom and the playground, so the student is supported in all areas of their schooling.
  • All students have an ASPIRE Learning Plan catering for the student’s unique social, emotional and academic needs. The personalised plans have targeted goals tailored to meet each student’s unique needs.
  • ASPIRE offers research-based remediation literacy and numeracy programs.
  • Students get specialised support but retain the benefits of being part of a mainstream school.

ASPIRE offers a tailored, unique education dedicated to Illawarra children with ASD and mild to moderate intellectual disability.

ASPIRE – An Illawarra Private School for Wollongong Children with Autism & Intellectual Disability

The ASPIRE Learning Plan will ensure each child is uniquely catered for and crucially, each student is also part of the wider Cedars Schooling experience, removing the sense of isolation or exclusion. 

There has been a deliberate decision by Cedars new school ASPIRE, to run specialised classes with Special Education Teachers whilst integrating students effectively into the wider school. The Cedars ASPIRE Team led by Mrs Vanessa Bradford, are ensuring each student can flourish in a blended mainstream and specialist school environment. ASPIRE offers each student the rich benefits of mainstream school and community but with specialist, individualised support.

Disability & Education in the Illawarra – What ASPIRE will offer to support each child

Cedars Christian College, known as forward thinking leaders in Illawarra education, ASPIRE builds on this to ensure Special Education Teachers can effectively deliver a tailored plan for each student for educational, social, emotional and critical life and independent living skills. Small class sizes and specialist teaching staff help each child to thrive. It offers a new private education opportunity for Illawarra ASD (Level 1/2) & intellectually disabled families.

Why Consider ASPIRE & Cedars Christian College for your child

ASPIRE – An Illawarra Private School for Wollongong Children with Autism & Intellectual Disability

Every child desires to belong. Every parent aches for their child to fit in, have friends, be loved, be safe, and find success in life. ASPIRE’s goal is to deliver this for each and every child.

In 2024, ASPIRE will cater for Illawarra ASD & Intellectually disabled students in Years 3-6 and Year 7 in 2025. ASPIRE are taking enrolments now for Year 7 2025. If you wish to enquire, contact Cedars ASPIRE on 02 4258 0400 or [email protected] 

Early enrolment and enquiry is strongly recommended due to the class size limits. ASPIRE will grow over the next 5 years to cater for up to 50 students from Years 3-12.

ASPIRE Parent Testimonial:

It’s a challenge as a parent to know what school will work best for your child,

Yet here I sit writing a testimony as a parent of a child who is nearing the completion of her first year of attending ASPIRE.

What an amazing year it has been!

Our daughter’s independence, self-confidence, and her ability to try has grown exponentially as a result of attending ASPIRE.

A smaller class size, individually set learning goals, smaller special education trained teacher to student ratio and regular consultation with parents, are just some of the blessings that have worked in achieving growth in our daughter at school this year.

Peter & Hayley Macfarlane

For any parents wishing to find the right school for their unique child, please make contact with Cedars ASPIRE. They take a holistic approach to education knowing it results in empowering and equipping students to achieve greater success and fulfilment in their lives. Start a plan for your child’s future today here.

ASPIRE – An Illawarra Private School for Wollongong Children with Autism & Intellectual Disability

Thank you to Cedars Christian College for sponsoring this article so more Illawarra parents can be aware of this educational option.

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