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Best Kids Dance Schools Illawarra & Wollongong. Find Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Classical Dance Classes

Dance Classes are awesome for kids! Learning to dance has so many physical, mental, social, and emotional benefits, especially in children. Across Wollongong and the Illawarra: we have amazing dance classes for your toddler, child, or teen (or adult dance classes). Hello award-winning dance schools with passionate and dedicated dance teachers! From classical ballet to hip-hop, silks & aerials, jazz to contemporary, we’ll shortcut you to the best kids’ dance schools in Wollongong and Illawarra. Whether you want fun, inclusivity or elite competition standards, we include what sets each dance school apart and their reviews.

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Air Born Cheerleading

Dance Schools Illawarra – Air Born Cheerleading

Woonona Dance School Air Born Cheerleading offer a range of amazing classes, including tumbling, parkour, hip hop, cheerleading and aerial silks. For boys, girls aged 18month to adults, there is a class for everyone. The coaches are experienced and encouraging, allowing the kids to develop at their own pace. Winning lots of competitions and always with a positive attitude, you know your child is getting a quality experience with Air Born Cheerleading. Their school holiday programs are also creative and fun, with a great group of kids to spend the day learning new skills and enjoying the fun themes. Air Born runs various programs for teenagers, including aerial silks, performance cheer, dance, and tumbling.

Miss Zoe’s School of Dance

Dance Schools Illawarra – Miss Zoe’s School of Dance

Award Winning Dance Studio in Wollongong, Kiama and Coledale, Miss Zoe’s School of Dance is a fantastic dance school for families. Catering for all ages and abilities, including adults, Miss Zoe’s is welcoming and inclusive, even their mid and end of year concerts are optional. The teachers are kind and genuinely love kids, the classes are of great value for money, and the costumes are modest. With many fantastic dance classes, including Irish dancing, hip hop, ballet, jazz, yoga, tap, contemporary, acrobatics, KPop, and musical theatre. (and more!). There are so many amazing classes that no matter what kind of dance you or your child is interested in, you will find it at Miss Zoe’s. The reputation and reviews of Miss Zoe’s School of Dance are impressive!

Elite Active Dance

Dance Schools Illawarra – Elite Active Dance

Kids Dance School in Dapto, Elite Active Dance is a beautiful dance studio where friendship, inclusivity and value for money are front and centre values. They run dance classes for kids of all ages and abilities, including a danceability class for kids with disability and ASD which caters for their unique needs. They offer baby mum dance classes which strengthens bonds and helps your growing baby develop enhanced brain, balance and vestibular function. Their toddler dance classes are very popular also and within one term the benefits of improved balance, co-ordination and strength in each child, is apparent.

Whether beginner or advanced, Elite Active Dance will meet your child where they are at and help them develop their skills and techniques in dance. Their classes include technique, ballet, acro, jazz, and contemporary/lyrical (and more). If your child wants to develop their technique and do ballet exams, Elite Active Dance also caters for this. Those with kids who love dance so much that they want to learn to teach can learn here once they turn thirteen. With a welcoming and fun vibe, your child will be left feeling wanted and happy at this dance school.

My Tiny Dancer

Dance Schools Illawarra – My Tiny Dancer

Dance School in Corrimal and Stanwell Park, My Tiny Dancer is a family-friendly dance studio where the joy of dance is instilled at a young age, with classes that allow your child to express themselves creatively and wholeheartedly, guided by beautiful, patient teachers. My Tiny Dancer is a way to introduce your children to the world of dance in a fun and enchanting way. Even the adults will make connections as they watch their kids. Classes are for children aged one to seven and are available in Corrimal and Stanwell Park.

Circus Monoxide

Dance from the Ceiling with Circus Monoxide Aerials Classes for all ages

Aerials & SIlks Classes for Kids & Adults in Fairy Meadow from Circus Monoxide. Aerials arts is like dance, but from the ceiling! This dopamine-inducing dance & gymnastic class from the sky is about as fun as it gets. Circus Monoxide help their students make friends, build strength and find their power. All while gaining a new channel to unleash self-expression and soar into new forms of creativity. These super popular classes run after school for all ages and abilities.

ADA Dance

Dance Schools Illawarra – ADA Dance

Helensburgh Dance School, ADA Dance offers a special sense of community. They have the cutest baby ballet class we’ve ever seen. They also offer a range of classes to suit all ages, from babies to adults, that are engaging and structured while still being immensely fun. Some of the classes available here include jazz, tap, RAD ballet, lyrical, musical theatre, acrobatics, and more. ADA Dance has created a beautiful, family-friendly atmosphere where students can’t wait for their dance class week by week.

Little Groovers

Dance Schools Illawarra – Little Groovers

Jamberoo has a lovely dance school in Little Groovers, which specialises in dance classes for kids between 18 months and 10 years old. They have a range of classes to choose from, including dance, acrobatics, and classes tailored to younger children with magic and fun. At Little Groovers, they believe in keeping it fun and simple, with no costumes, concerts, or makeup. It is a refreshing and stress-free approach to dance and means the classes can focus on the joy of dance.

Booking your birthday party with Little Groovers gives your child a unique birthday party full of fun and adventure. The character parties and activities are planned for you with themes ranging from slime parties to pamper parties and everything in between. Packed with creativity, joy, and laughter, it means a more relaxed experience for the parents while the kids have the time of their lives.

Academy of Music Dance Drama

Dance Schools Illawarra – Academy of Music Dance Drama

Thirroul’s Academy of Music Dance Drama is an elite dance school with various classes that include dance, drama, and music lessons. Regular performers in Southern Stars, you know you are joining a dance school with high-quality performances and great technique. The Academy of Music Dance Drama has a warm and encouraging atmosphere with teachers who inspire a love of developing new skills while meeting your child’s level. This is an outstanding school where your child can thrive in their chosen music, dance or drama field.

Sharna Lee Classical Coaching

Dance Schools Illawarra – Sharna Lee Classical Coaching

Unanderra Dance School Sharna Lee Classical Coaching is a place where your child can learn classical training and be nurtured at the same time. In a class where giggles escape from the classroom, you can feel the love of dance being fostered here. Classes here are designed for kids between 18 months and 5 years old and include ballet, jazz, stretch, and contemporary. Book your free trial class today.

Treetop Arts

Dance Schools Illawarra – Treetop Arts

Helensburgh Treetop Arts is a dance school, gymnasium, and silks studio. They offer classes in acro-dance, aerial silks, parkour, tumbling, and more. Based in Helensburgh, they are the perfect choice for gymnastics or dance in the northern Illawarra. There is such a positive and encouraging atmosphere here. Teachers and students work together to develop skills and knowledge that they can do hard things with small steps. Nothing is better than having a class your child wants to attend every week and always comes away happy. That’s what you get here.

Ava Dance Centre

Dance Schools Illawarra – Ava Dance Centre

Ava Dance Centre in Berkeley is a dance studio with heart. It has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Classes include acrobatics, ballet (RAD: Royal Academy of Dance), hip-hop, contemporary and jazz. Ava Dance Centre takes pride in every detail, including the gorgeous costumes. There is a true commitment here to developing each student to their full potential while building confidence and the ability for kids to express themselves. This dance studio is a caring and nurturing environment that aims to create treasured memories with lifelong friends.


Dance Schools Illawarra – KidsWish

KidsWish in Shellharbour is a wonderful community committed to supporting and running programs for children with disabilities and illnesses and their families. KidsWish events and activities range from dance classes to gymnastics, Lego building, sports days, and more. They are free for children with disabilities or illnesses and their families. It is a truly supportive and inclusive community.

My First Gym

Dance Schools Illawarra – My First Gym

With a studio in Figtree and Shellharbour, My First Gym has thought of everything. They offer classes ranging from dance to ninja warrior, martial arts to yoga. School holiday camps are in high demand and will keep your kids engaged and happy. They even offer date nights where you can drop the kids off for supervised fun while you have a date with your partner. Their classes are for children from 7 months to 15 years old, so no matter what age your kids are, they’re sure to find something that will pique their interest here. It’s also a supportive vibe here, and your kids will have so much fun that they won’t want to leave.

Choosing the right local dance school for your child can enhance their development, well being and enjoyment of dance. Whether your child dreams of becoming a professional dancer or wants to have fun and stay active, Wollongong and Illawarra offer a range of kids dance schools to suit every need and preference. We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect dance school that will inspire and empower their child to shine on and off the dance floor!

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