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My Tiny Dancer

Preschool dance classes filled with joy! We love sharing the magic of dance and seeing all our tiny dancers sparkle & shine!



Corrimal &
Stanwell Park, New South Wales, 2518

Float, twirl, dance, jive and laugh! My Tiny Dancer is a fun non-pressurised, preschool dance program for girls & boys ages 1 years - 5 years. Fun for the kids and zero stress for the parents!

Bookings are Now Open!!! Head over to our website to join the fun! CLICK HERE

We offer FREE trial classes, NO concerts or exams, easy online booking systems, pro-rata fees, money back guarantees and family-friendly venues, we’re all about making this part of your week totally stress-free.

Our classes are broken up into small age brackets as the development curve for 1 years to 5 years is vast.

Baby Bouncers (1 years – 2 years )
At such a young age these tiny dancers are so full of energy and imagination and are naturally rhythmic, They are still “learning to learn” and do this most effectively through observation, imitation and play. As they often don’t like to be far from their parents or carer, we ask their accompanying adult to actively participate in the lessons. Be prepared to put your best foot forward and wiggle, giggle, float, jive, sing and laugh alongside your tiny dancer/twirler – you may even find your own inner starlet!

Tiny Twirlers (2 years – 3 years)
Children of this age group love routine and knowing what comes next. Simple dance stories are learnt and played out, and basic steps are introduced and repeated (and then probably demonstrated at home in the kitchen!). Some of our tiny dancers may still want mum and dad with them. We are more than happy for parents and carers to still jump up and participate alongside their child.

Mini Movers (3 years – 4 years)
Physical, social and emotional confidence starts to boom at this age, and emotions often run very close to the surface. For some pre-schoolers, this can often lead to a ‘feast or famine’ when it comes to participation and is to be expected. We encourage the kids to now participate in the class by themselves however parents and carers are encouraged to stay and watch the classes so if they need an encouraging hug during class you are right there.

Little Leapers (4 years – 5 years)
This is the age of confidence “mum and dad – I got this” I’m the big fish in the pre-school pond and I’m loving my new-found skills and ability. For some though it can be the start of worry and anxiety as they are now quite self-aware. Our wonderful tutors are so skilled at recognising some of these signs and helping children to embrace these worries and build confidence whilst mum, dad or carer are there watching too.

Learn a little about our Director - Sophia
Sophia has always found great joy in dance and creative movement. Soph is a mum to the beautiful Odette and loves life on the South Coast. Creativity and mindfulness are at the centre of her dance practice and teaching philosophy. Sophia trained professionally in classical and contemporary dance here in Australia and Overseas. Spending three years in Switzerland honing her craft in a full-time, professional dance setting and a further year in England. Going on to perform throughout Germany, Switzerland, England and The Czech Republic.

As a qualified dance and pilates instructor, Sophia has mentored dancers from their very first dance class, through to professional dance auditions, RAD & Cecchetti exams and choreographed many dances for solo and group performances. Encouraging students of all levels and abilities to find fun and joy in dance is a big part of Sophia’s mission, through her calm and beautiful nature.

“My aim is to inspire, share my knowledge and bring joy to all my tiny dancers. Throughout my classes I give insightful tips to develop healthy and creative individuals. I enjoy combining music and imagination into my classes and I absolutely love watching my students sparkle and shine with confidence.”

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please send an email to [email protected]

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