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Circus Monoxide Wollongong. Where Kids Thrive & Fly. Performing Arts, Aerials & Gymnastic Classes For All

If you’re looking for kids or adults classes where fun, fitness, creativity and joy is unleashed, then welcome to Circus Monoxide in Fairy Meadow! This beautiful Illawarra Circus School welcomes pre-schoolers, school aged, teens and adults to learn the exhilarating world of circus skills, aerials, performing arts, tumbling, trapeze, and more. Here at Parents Guide Illawarra. we love celebrating local organisations who create positive impact for local families. The Circus Monoxide classes and school holiday programs get rave reviews.

The Circus Monoxide team, teachers and culture help each student develop, thrive and feel a sense of belonging. They know that learning and self-expression is easier and freer in a place of no judgement. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder including ADHD) children tend to thrive at Circus Monoxide. Everyone is welcome, just as they are.

Well, you may not have considered a Circus School, but it’s an incredible way to build skills, fitness and discover what lights up you, or your child. All students develop balance, co-ordination and strength, whilst discovering their inner acrobat, or dancing through the air on silks, with these Circus Monoxide classes:

Circus Skills, Performing Arts & Gymnastic Classes for Wollongong Kids & Teens

The Circus Monoxide Variety Circus Classes are a brilliant blend of performing arts, gymnastics, acrobatics.

Circus Fun for ages 5-8 years old, brings the joy and benefits of the circus to life. Kids learn juggling, trapeze, silks, hula hooping, plate spinning, poi, mini trampoline, and acrobatics.

Variety Circus for 9 and 12 years old, dives deeper into the world of circus arts. This class takes students through a comprehensive rotation of aerials, tumbling, object manipulation, and balance. Students discover and build their unique skills and passions in this class.

Discover Wollongong’s General Circus Classes here.

Aerials & Silks Classes for Kids, Teens & Adults in Wollongong

Silks & Aerials Classes at Circus Monoxide – all ages

The beauty of dancing through the air makes Circus Monoxide’s Aerials Classes very popular. The Aerials classes focus on trapeze, silks and lyra, (aerial hoop), starting with the fundamentals as you build your strength, agility and hone in your skills. Starting at age 5 – adults there are Aerials classes most days to choose from.

Intermediate and advanced Aerials classes at Circus Monoxide include Rope, Spanish web and Cloud Swing as well as a Straps class. Discover Wollongong’s Kids & Adults Aerials & Silks Classes at Circus Monoxide here.

Circus Classes for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers – Fairy Meadow

Toddlers & Pre-School Circus Classes

The skills preschoolers can gain through Circus Monoxide Classes are fundamental building blocks for the big world. By nurturing the valuable practice of living in the moment and using the body to express themselves, circus can help to gradually expand a child’s ability to connect with the world around them. This leads to the all-important skill – healthy self-expression.

It is also a way to express all the excess energy that children possess! The unique blend of creativity and physical activity that is gratifying to both sporty and not-so-sporty kids. Without even knowing it, kids learn rhythm, timing, patience, hand-eye coordination and teamwork. Discover the Circus Monoxide Microbats Pre-Schooler classes for age 2.5 years up here.

Balance & Circus Skills Classes, Learn Stilts, Trapeze, Tightrope & UniCycle

The perfect Wollongong Classes to learn rolla-bolla, tight-rope, walking globe, stilt walking, unicycle and more! The benefits of becoming hyper self-aware and learning how to manipulate every muscle individually, will serve you for life.

Unicycle classes are available for all skill levels. From riding through to hopping, backwards riding, one foot riding, wheel walking and more! As you develop your skills you will explore the different worlds of unicycling from freestyle & flatland to street & muni. Discover all Circus Monoxide Balance classes here.

Tumbling Classes for all ages

The Wollongong Tumbling class for all ages and levels. Learn to roll, cartwheel, handstand and flip!

Circus Monoxide have highly skilled tumbling coaches ready to take you through your paces on the floor. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels.

Beginners Tumbling Classes gain body awareness, strength and confidence. It’s a focus on skills with the right technique and body shape and form to keep bodies safe.

Intermediate Tumbling Classes offer more technically challenging skills such as roundoffs, handsprings, somersaults and kickovers and start learning sequences (multiple tricks in a row). There is more focus on strength and conditioning.

Advanced Tumbling & Acrobat Classes are ideal for acrobats with experience, this class focuses on somersault variations as layouts and twists, side aerials and advanced sequences combining multiple skills.

Adagio Acrobalance Classes (Otherwise known as group or partner acrobatics)
Learn the art of lifting, counterbalancing, and creating gravity-defying shapes. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience, Adagio Acrobalance classes will enhance your strength, flexibility, and trust in your partner.

Full Day School Holiday Workshops

7 hours a day of supervised ACTIVE FUN!Circus Monoxide School Holiday programs get amazing reviews. It’s a fun way for your kids to be active while developing confidence, making new friends and learning amazing new skills. Circus training encourages kids to be creative, to be themselves and to support each other.

The school holiday workshops and program is for all primary school-aged children (5 – 12). They run 9 – 4 PM Monday-Friday of the school holidays (public holidays excluded). Your child will learn everything from trapeze to tumbling, tight-wire to juggling!

Bookings essential, discover the Circus Monoxide School Holiday Program here.

Fun Kids Birthday Party Packages

Create a magical FUN circus party for your child and their besties! Birthday guests get exclusive use of the venue to try silks, trapeze, tumbling, mini-tramp, tightwire, juggling, contortion and so much more! No two parties are the same and will be catered to your child’s age and preferences.

Circus Monoxide Birthday Party Venue and Package Inclusions:
– Exclusive access to the space
– Lolly bags for all guests to take home!
– Chips and popcorn for your table
– Plates, napkins and cutlery

Guests: 10+. Age: 2+. Duration: 2 hours (including a 30-minute break for BYO food/cake). Price: $420 for a minimum of 10 and then $40 per head

Book a Birthday Party at Circus Monoxide here!

Circus Monoxide want to hear from you – enquire for any class

If you or your child are looking for non-competitive, fun, inclusive, creative performing arts and dance classes, Circus Monoxide will welcome you with open arms. All Circus Monoxide classes are inclusive and ASD students are particularly welcome

Parents Guide Illawarra thanks the beautiful Circus Monoxide team for all they offer our community and for sponsoring this article so more can benefit! To experience the circus magic for yourself, and join a community where belonging, creativity, fitness and fun are centre stage, visit the website, call on 02 42850066 or email [email protected]

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