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Deb Young of Younga Yoga



217 Crown St
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Deb trained with the Aust Doula College in 2010. She has supported women through a range of birthing experiences, from cesarean through to homebirth.

Deb is a mum, co-founded Younga Yoga Studio in Wollongong and has a degree in Health Education. Deb will help you tap into your innate strength during labour and give you guidance on how relaxation, movement, sound, breath & mind focus can be used for pain management. Deb can also help provide support for women who are delivering by cesarean with family centered options.

Deb believes that all women are entitled to unbiased information about their birth choices and can also help you and your partner to liaise with hospital staff and care providers in what is often an unfamiliar or daunting environment. She aims to help couples work together during this amazing life-changing experience.

Deb's service includes: pre and post birth meetings. On call support 24/7 a fortnight either side of your due date. Support during your labour and 2-4 hrs thereafter or as needed. Liaise with hospital staff during your labour, massage acupressure and partner support. Home cooked treat for the dinner table post birth. For homebirth, assistance may also include housework, birth pool hire, childcare etc.

Deb also teaches prenatal yoga classes through her studio Younga Yoga. See our prenatal exercise listings for more detail.