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Denny Nesbitt



Online and face-to-face coaching
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Hello I’m Denny Nesbitt and I work with mums who are seeking greater happiness at work. I help mums design and build careers and lives that feel right to them. 

How can I help?
The absolute awesomeness of being able to focus on yourself and having someone listen to you and gently hold you accountable to your goals. That is what I offer. Clarity over what is of upmost importance to you in your career and life and the strategies to achieve it is what you will gain. An experience that will change your life and career for the better is guaranteed.

I offer a no-obligation initial consultation of 30 minutes. Before this consultation I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire that will get you to think really hard about what you want. We’ll then start the coaching series by setting one or two inspiring goals together. There will be many aha moments I’m sure. CLICK HERE to schedule in your session

CLICK HERE for my Coaching Packages and what is the right fit for you. To see what some of my previous clients have to say about my coaching services CLICK HERE.

I offer a FREE resume review service.
Yes, that’s right, send me your resume and have it reviewed for free by a career development and marketing professional.  I will provide you with clear and actionable feedback within 3 working days. Don’t dismiss this service because I have had clients win jobs when they followed my recommendations. CLICK HERE to get started now.

Complete my Survey on Working and Motherhood!
I think I know you and I think that when it comes to your career, you are struggling with many of the same issues and feelings I struggled with. But, of course, I’m sure there are many ways in which we are different. To help me understand you better please respond to this quick anonymous survey HERE .  To say thank you, I’ll be choosing one respondent at random to win a $50 shopping voucher. It will help me get a better understanding of what’s happening with you and your career so I can serve you better. It will take just 3 minutes and may even help you clarify how you’re feeling (especially if you vent in the free text boxes!).

Working Mum SOS
FREE 30 minute session, no obligation, working mum SOS session for those who are seeking clarity, ideas or just an objective ear.  To strategise solutions to some of your biggest career change issues. Quick and powerful.

Ready to Take Action? Let’s Make This Happen!
Still not sure? I understand. This is your time and money and I know that working mums don’t usually have those things in abundance. But I invite you to think about what your life might be like in 5 years if you don’t do this? Will you still be in that job? Will you still feel stressed and overwhelmed? What kind of an example will you be setting to your children?

Career change takes time and the best time to start is now.  CLICK HERE to message me online and get in touch today. Denny x

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