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Feeding Happy Kids & Talking Happy Kids

We are a passionate team of speech pathologists, dieticians, nutritionists & clinical psychologists, all under the one roof - dedicated to tackling speech & feeding difficulties in children.


3/27 Central Road
Unanderra, New South Wales, 2526

Children's Speech Pathology & Therapy Illawarra

Big News from Feeding Happy Kids & Talking Happy Kids!
We're super excited to share that our team has expanded and we have appointments available for Kids Speech Pathology. If your child has any speech or communication difficulties, please reach out to our highly experienced and dedicated team.

Now, we can offer more immediate appointments to address your child's communication (and feeding needs) with empathy, skill, and creativity.

What's New? More Speech Therapy Appts Now Available! Boost your child's confidence and skills in expressing themselves, understanding others, and thriving academically with our expert speech pathologists. Our skilled speech pathologists are here to empower your child to communicate with confidence and ease. By engaging with our Speech Pathology services for children, your child can receive support in:

  • Expressing & Comprehending: Boosting your child's ability to communicate thoughts and understand others.
  • Learning & Literacy: Customising learning approaches and enhancing reading and writing skills.
  • Speech Clarity & Stuttering: Improving articulation and managing stuttering for smoother communication.
  • Mealtime success: Our feeding therapy helps children and their families to create a more positive relationship with food, and achieve mealtime peace.
  • Click here to learn more how we can help local parents and carers of children with any speech difficulties.

Why Us?
Our compassionate team celebrates every small victory on the path to greater communication and happier mealtimes. We're dedicated to your family's growth and happiness. 🌱💬

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💖 Join us and experience our difference!

We celebrate each achievement, dedicated to fostering growth and joy in your family.