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Genea IVF Wollongong


Wollongong Day Surgery Suite 4, Level 2 354-358 Crown Street
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Throughout our 35+ year history of baby making magic, we’ve been at the forefront of fertility techniques and technology.

At Genea Elements IVF, thanks to our World-Leading technology, our success rate here is 60% for those under 35 years old based on independent analysis. And the sooner you get pregnant, the less draining it is on your pocket.

We provided our patients with world class service and cutting-edge technology which is the envy of the entire fertility science field. Our team of professional and highly experienced, Fertility Specialists and Fertility Nurses will manage your care in our purpose-built Wollongong clinic.

We are located in the heart of Wollongong, with patients from Helensburgh to Bega and west to the Southern Highlands and Goulburn. So, if you live within reasonable driving distance, or can travel on the train, there is no need to travel to the Sydney CBD clinic when you have all the same great services locally at Genea Elements IVF Wollongong.

To support you throughout your journey with us, we can also arrange appointments for you to speak with our Fertility Counsellors at any stage during your cycle.

Our labs on site which means we take care of your precious eggs, sperm, and embryos at the same location as your egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. Our Embryologists are extensively trained to use our world leading technologies for IVF and ICSI, andrology testing, egg freezing, and sperm function testing.