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Illawarra Birth Classes



Illawarra, New South Wales,

We offer regular monthly group prenatal classes and private in home sessions. Our classes are a convenient one day prenatal class and couples will leave with in-depth knowledge about: * Stages of labour and what to expect in each phase * Physiology of birth * Hormones in labour * How your body helps you to cope with labour * How baby’s position can affect labour and how to help get them in the optimal position for an easier birth * How to know if you are really in labour and when it’s time to go to hospital * Comfort measures for coping with labour * Massage and acupressure for natural pain relief * Breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques that you can use during labour * How your birth support person will can help you physically and emotionally * Interventions in labour - why and when they are done * Inductions and caesarean births * Medical pain relief options * Decision making for pregnancy and birth and how to know what’s right for you * How to write a realistic birth plan * Breastfeeding basics * How to have a positive postpartum And more….!