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Jessica Hodgens Doula



Thirroul, New South Wales, 2515

I believe that pregnancy and birth are a sacred rite of passage, and motherhood is our greatest teacher. As your doula, it's my privilege and joy to walk alongside you, fiercely and tenderly holding space, nurturing and honouring you as you walk your own path through the journey of motherhood.

I offer pregnancy and postpartum doula support to mamas in the northern Illawarra region, and online support to women all over the world. I also offer birth preparation courses, women’s circles, pregnancy and postpartum retreats, and support in conscious mothering and gentle parenting.

I’ll be the blend of best friend, adoring sister, and that mum friend you know who knows lots of stuff about birth and babies.
I’ll shower you with nourishing food, luscious plant medicine, and beautiful rituals.
I’ll share my clear thinking researcher’s brain to help you navigate your way through the information and advice overload to find your own truth, and I’ll be there anytime you need a listening ear, loving guidance, or an enthusiastic cheerleader.
I’ll remind you just how treasured you are, just how special this baby of yours is, and just how sacred this time in your life is.
I’ll be witness to all the exquisite joys and the excruciating pains that are part of this journey into motherhood, and I’ll hold you while you walk your own path through it all.
  • To learn about my pregnancy and postpartum doula services, click here
  • For my birth and motherhood preparation course, Mamatoto Pregnancy Journey, click here
  • For my Mama-To-Be Pregnancy Retreat, click here
  • For my fortnightly Sunrise Women’s Circles, click here
If you're ready to feel supported, nurtured and held during this sacred time, please get in touch to book your free, no-obligation introductory visit with me. I would love to support you, wherever you are on your mothering journey.
Jess xx

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