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Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts Wollongong


9 Durgadin Dr
Albion Park Rail, New South Wales, 2527

Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts System (KRMAS) is a dedicated system of Martial Arts for the whole Family!
Headed up by Internationally acclaimed and accredited KANCHO Kyoshi Kevin Blundell, our dedicated team of Government Accredited Instructors are here to assist you reach your Martial Arts Goals and achieve Black Belt Success in all facets of your life!


    • Helps release stress and tension
    • Realistic & effective self-defence built in to every Program
    • Builds a sound body as well as a sound mind
    • Enhances conditioning, flexibility, agility, coordination
    • Can aide in weight reduction, increase endurance
    • Develops confidence, respect, discipline, character, concentration, leadership
    • Promotes a feeling of well being
    • Promotes greater self esteem
    • Will energise your life in a fun and exciting way
    • We will provide you with a safe and positive environment
    • We will promote conflict avoidance
    • Awareness of negative peer pressure
    • Help develop goal setting
    • Higher self esteem
    • Promote better school grades
    • Greater understanding of respect & discipline
    • Develop a positive and winning attitude
    • Teamwork and team building
    • You will learn the Black Belt Success System


  • Our classes are fun, exciting, educational, and empowering!

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