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Pipduck Australia



141 Wentworth St
Port Kembla, New South Wales, 2505

In the beginning....

The establishment of Pipduck was inspired by the need to one main objective - to abate the perennial must-have desire of the first world. This has led to the Pipduck commitment to a worldwide effort scanning, sourcing, collating and contributing to the Pipduck locus of perfect unnecessary must-haves. Underpinned by the first fetish for footwear, Pipduck's debut is about to cause a splash as it steps up and unleashes its first import to Australia and New Zealand. The urbanised range of hand printed, award winning, water proof, cotton lined designer wellies. So perfect is the footwear it appears to have been produced specifically to Pipduck's criteria. The printed designs have won prestigious awards. The extraordinary global appeal of the patterned boot is bound to cause a swirl of rubber boot lovers throughout Australia and New Zealand stampeding in their hunter, ballerina and cowboy styles desperately anticipating the next unnecessary must-have sourced by Pipduck.

The story to date.....

So what's the latest?.... Helen Duckham has met her every expectation.. She is now Australia's leading designer in rainwear with over 75 styles to her 2012 collection. Her collection is the most versatile and fashionable range to be introduced to Australian wellington boot retailers. Her creativity has expanded the gumboot beyond the realms of the traditional boot, to feature designs for the most fashionable at heart. Her specialist designs are never compromised by quality and her stringent attention to detail, rubber durability and functionality are paramount. The year 2012 featured the introduction of the Denny range which literally took her gumboots to the streets! And why not. This unique range, so mimicked a designer leather boot, that Australians were rushing through suburban streets with total disregard for the rain. Dennys' were a huge success and it remains to be seen what waterproof footwear she'll tempt us with next!