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Reclaim Your Space



Otford, New South Wales, 2508

Hi, I’m Sarah, owner at Reclaim Your Space.

Our home has a big impact on how we feel and our overall well-being. As a parent I’m all too familiar with that overwhelming feeling that comes from a never ending to do list and the desire to get it all right. When things start to unravel at home it can be hard to get back on track.

That's why I help parents like you to declutter and organise your home in a way that makes your life easier, reduces your daily decisions and makes you smile :) So that you're able to relax, have fun and focus on treasuring those special moments together.

- Decluttering
- Organising
- Moving home
- Kitchen & Bathroom design

If you're ready to create a home you LOVE to spend time in, message me or check out my website.

Email: [email protected]