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South Coast Calmbirth



98 Queen St
Berry, New South Wales, 2535
Calmbirth is a nationally recognised, childbirth preparation program designed to empower women and their partners by teaching them how to work with the body's natural abilities and to relax into the birthing process. Once completed, participants will have a greater understanding of how the mind and body can work together during the various stages of birth, and what can be done to achieve a more rewarding and stress free birthing experience.

Calmbirth supports the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events. One of the program's objectives is to help release the fear, anxiety and tension that many women experience before and during childbirth. Calmbirth aims to enable women and their partners to rediscover the wonder and joy of childbirth.

During theCalmbirth classes, both mother and birthpartner will learn techniques of relaxation, breathing and visualisation; skills which can also be practiced during pregnancy and greatly asisst both partners to remain calm and relaxed during the birthing process. A calm mother and partner can lead to a calmer baby and the skills obtained in the classes make an enormous difference to the baby during the pregnancy, the labour and post-natally.

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