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The Shepherd Centre for hearing impaired children


48 Dempster St
West Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

The Shepherd Centre helps deaf and hearing-impaired children develop spoken language and reach their full potential through a wide range of programs and services.

Some of the programs and services provided by The Shephard Centre are:

  • Early Intervention Program
  • First Sounds Cochlear Implant Program
  • Inclusion Preschools (see seperate listing for more information)
  • Weekly Playgroup (see seperate listing for more information)
  • Rural and Remote Program
  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy
  • Audiological Services
  • Family Support Services
  • School Transition

An introductory program is available for new families, and enrollments can occur any time throughout the year. For all new enquiries contact is Head Office: 02 9351 7888