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The Shepherd Centre Preschool Wollongong


48 Dempster St
West Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

The Wollongong Shepherd Centre Preschool is an Inclusion Preschool for hearing impaired and non hearing impaired children. The preschool provides an intensive listening language input based on a preschool curriculum. By developing these skills in a small environment, the preschool can assist children with hearing loss who may otherwise struggle to transition and integrate into their local community preschool, thereby preparing them for mainstream school.

The Pre-School is licensed for 15 children and may include up to five children with a hearing loss attending each day. The Pre-School has a small teacher to child ratio, which means your child will receive the individualised attention and nurturing they need to prepare them for the transition from Pre-School to Primary School.

Our preschool program focuses on all areas of your child's early development and education. Our individual programs will assist in developing your child’s language, listening and speech.

We are dedicated to providing a quality early childhood learning experience in a safe and caring environment. Our staff develop and implement an educational program which focuses on the individual needs of each child. The program includes: socialisation skills, language, cognition, fine and gross motor skills, music and craft activities. All activities are designed to develop your child’s social, intellectual, emotional and physical skills based on the Early Years Learning Framework, in an enjoyable learning environment.

Children learn through play, it is the way they begin to construct an understanding of the world around them. At The Shepherd Centre, we provide opportunities for children to engage in meaningful play; and our educators support their discoveries, helping engage their interests further and encourage their problem-solving and enquiry skills. Toy and activities presented in the preschool program represent a variety of cultures, reflecting the multicultural society we live in. We aim for greater independence by providing opportunities that allow your child to practice self-help skills.

Positive reinforcement is used to guide behaviour, cooperation and sharing.

To enquire about availability and cost please contact the centre directly:

Days Available: Tuesday-Friday 8:15am-3:45pm