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Thriving Kids Occupational Therapy


137 Balgownie rd
Balgownie, New South Wales, 2519

Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention for children, provided at home, preschool or school.

Occupational therapy is for children who are having difficulty participating in everyday activities such as looking after themself (self care), playing, socialising, and schoolwork. These difficulties may come about because of poor fine or gross motor skills, sensory processing differences, social/emotional issues, difficulties with thinking or organisation, and/or issues relating to specific disabilities or disorders.

Belinda is an Occupational Therapist of over 10 years experience working with children, with a particular passion for working with children with autism and sensory processing disorders and their families. She especially loves working with preschools and schools, adopting a team approach to support children so that they can fully participate in all aspects of school/preschool life.

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