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Wollongong Public Hospital


348 Crown St
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500
Our staff's philosophy is based upon the belief that a woman has the right to choose her own method of labour and birth providing safety of both mother and baby is ensured.

We believe in a family centered environment where mother, partner and/or additional support person attend labour under the guidance and care of skilled midwifery staff. We encourage active birth and use of showers and baths, bean bags, exercise ball, floor mats and birthing stool if you choose to use them.

If you have special requests regarding your labour and birth, feel free to discuss them with the midwifery staff or your doctor.

Antenatal Services Obstetric Outpatients (Antenatal Clinic) is located on Level 1 Block D, Wollongong Hospital, Ph 4253 4256

To book into hospital:

  1. Have your pregnancy confirmed by your GP and get a referral from your GP for the hospital for your pregnancy.
  2. Call the Antenatal clinic Monday-Friday 9am-4pm on 4253 4284 and talk to staff to arrange your booking in history with the midwife.
  3. Staff will ask certain questions to enable us to make this appointment. You will get a date and time for your first appointment with the midwife. At this visit the midwife will do your booking in history. This usually takes 90 minutes.
  4. The GP will order routine pregnancy bloods and ultrasounds, please bring these results and referral to your booking in appointment.

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