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SNAKES in the Illawarra – advice to keep you and the kids safe! And it’s surprising where they are found…

Take a breath, be brave, it’s better to be informed, yes!? SNAKES IN THE ILLAWARRA… We have discovered some equally fascinating, startling and re-assuring snake stats, close to (your) home….

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Sooo, the beauty of our Illawarra escarpment, bush and ocean makes this such a stunning place to live but with that comes…


So we asked local snake expert Glenn Peacock from the Illawarra Snake Catcher for all the local intel so we can help you keep you and the fam-bam safe, sound and snake informed.

Most common found Illawarra snakes Glenn gets called about:

1. Red Belly Black Snakes – good news is they are generally shy and they eat the aggro Brown snakes…


2. Diamond Pythons


3. Golden Crowned Snakes (their bite is like a bee sting only – phew)


4. Less frequently, Tiger Snakes and Brown Snakes are not commonly found here at least – bigger phew!

What are snakes attracted to?
For Illawarra homes with pools, ponds, water features or whose property backs onto the bush – STAY ALERT – you are in snake zone! Snakes on warmer days (over 25 degrees) will be on the move for food and water – so keep on eye on all water aspects near your home… eeek, swim with a red belly anyone!?

Live near a train line or creek? You are at higher risk…
Glenn shared that train lines and creeks are like “snake highways” – easy and less disturbed access to warm spots and water…

Best advice to keep your kids safe?
EDUCATION – SO NEVER approach a snake, leave it undisturbed! Tell a parent straight away…

Wear shoes in the backyard if you are in bushy surrounds.

Keep your lawn mowed to avoid long grassy areas where snakes hang out.

Parents – 80% of snake bites occur if you try and remove or kill the snake – so leave the safe removal part to the experts please!

Now, onto the nicer and less confronting stuff 🙂

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Love from the Parents Guide Illawarra team who are a bunch of complete wusses about snakes and found this hard to write about! xx

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