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Pregnant? Check out this FREE new baby bundle you get in NSW – it’s awesome!

You are pregnant? CONGRATS!

We have some more lovely news for you – share this far and wide with your fellow ‘up the duff’ community in NSW!

Courtesy of the $157M Parenting Package initiative from the NSW Government – from January 1st 2019, each parent and caregiver of a newborn baby will be given a FREE Baby Bundle designed to support the health, development and well-being of your baby worth $300!

What are the contents of the Baby Bundle?
The contents have been carefully selected to be appropriate and safe for newborn babies and include: sleeping bag, play and change mats, muslin wrap, bath and room thermometers, baby toothbrush, breast pads, first aid kit, board books, face cloth, baby wipes, hand sanitiser and barrier cream. A small selection of NSW Health printed resources are also included that complement the Blue Book. The recommended retail price for each Baby Bundle is $300.

We have popped in all the details below… Click here to visit our Parents Guide Illawarra Pregnancy and Birth pages which list local businesses, support services and organisations who can also help you!

Who is eligible for the Baby Bundle?

To be eligible for the Baby Bundle, your baby must be born from 1 January 2019 and you must live in NSW.

When will parents/ caregivers receive the Baby Bundle?

Parents and caregivers will receive a Baby Bundle when they are discharged from a public or private NSW hospital.

What if my baby is born at home?

If your baby is born at home, you can request a Baby Bundle when you register your baby through NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Baby Bundle will be delivered to a nominated NSW address free of charge.

What if my baby is born interstate or overseas?

If your baby is born interstate or overseas, and you live in NSW, you can request a Baby Bundle via email at [email protected]. The Baby Bundle will be delivered to a nominated NSW address free of charge.

Will adoptive or foster parents receive the Baby Bundle?

Yes, adoptive and foster parents of babies up to the age of three months who live in NSW will receive the Baby Bundle.

Will parents/caregivers who give birth to multiple babies be given more than one Baby Bundle?
Yes, the Baby Bundle is for each baby born from 1 January 2019 – therefore twins will be eligible for two Baby Bundles and triplets will be eligible for three Baby Bundles.

Got more questions? – click here to read more!

Here is a list of our local pre and post natal services right here in the Illawarra:

  • Wollongong Private Hospital: Is home to the region’s premier and state-of-the-art maternity ward. Offers choice of Obstetrician and Paediatrician, an experienced and dedicated team of Midwives and Nurses, Specialist Lactation Consultant, Outpatient breast care and feeding service, Post-natal physiotherapy classes, Breastfeeding classes and much more.
  • The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre: Part of Figtree Private Hospital, the service is the first of its kind in the Illawarra, providing postnatal support to families with children aged between two months to two years old. Support includes help with feeding and sleep difficulties, reflux and colic, adjusting to parenting and more.

For more Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Support – visit the Parents Guide Illawarra website!

With best wishes from the Parents Guide Illawarra team who wish they would have had access to the Baby Bundle when all of our babies were born! xx