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Register for your 2022 Active Kids Vouchers and Creative Kids Vouchers now!

The new year has been off to a somewhat tricky start for most families in the Illawarra, with the school holidays not turning out quite as we had hoped. The good news is, with a new year comes a new round of both Active Kids Vouchers and Creative Kids Vouchers to get your kids working those bodies and minds.

Soon we will be letting you in on some of our top picks on where to cash in these bad boys. In the mean meantime, don’t forget to start registering for them. The NSW government currently provides one $100 Active Kids Voucher for the first half of the calendar year (January – June) as well as a second $100 Voucher for the second half of the calendar year (July – December).

The $100 Creative Kids Vouchers are only issued once at any time throughout the year. Unfortunately, in 2022, the NSW government has made some changes to the eligibility criteria, no longer supporting “Art kit programs, pre-recorded video lessons, and online programs” only programs that occur in what they refer to as “real-time.”

Sidebar: Nice move NSW Government. Newsflash, we are in this little thing called a pandemic, you know, where you are discouraging everything face-to-face in “real-time“? – A finger gesture may or may not have accompanied that statement.

Moving on, you can apply for your first NSW Active Kids Voucher here and your NSW Creative Kids Voucher here. Keep an eye on the Kids Classes section of Parent’s Guide Illawarra to find local activities for the kids, as well as new places you can use your vouchers throughout the year.