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6 Banool St
Keiraville, New South Wales, 2500

Open to primary school students right through to adults & seniors the Actors Co. will focus on developing your inner awareness of self by stepping into a new world of bold and exciting characters in your acting classes. This is achieved through creating a learning environment that is patient, passionate, supportive, inclusive, free from judgement & fun. Drama classes at the Actors Co. encourage students to be brave & free. We value, just as highly, the development of key acting skills including the ability to imagine, express with your voice/body with skill, the ability to collaborate with peers, the ability to understand & analyse script, the capacity to display stagecraft to enhance a performance. The ability to evaluate & self-reflect

The Actors Co., uses coaching methodology and tools to help students achieve their true potential through acting classes. They break through personal barriers to attain the goals they set for themselves. Dedicated to success and putting your creative passion into action, the Actors Co. provides an opportunity for actors and artists to increase self-awareness and insight into human behaviour through drama classes. By achieving individual goals, self improvement, the understanding of relationships directly relates to our surroundings and ultimately, have a positive effect on the community.

The Actors Co. acting courses encompasses the intensive disciplines of theatre, television, film and print media. This innovative school honours traditional and contemporary teaching through acting training. The drama teaching emphasizes high achieving personal development within a nurturing and supportive environment. It is an innovative, committed and result driven school of learning. At the centre of the acting classes the teaching is a movement towards achievement of one's goals, artistic inquiry and the development of purpose.

The ability to analyse, apply, express and continually challenge every student so that they may reach their highest career potential is at hand. Intensive, hands-on experience with leading acting teachers, directors, choreographers, production experts working professionally, brings to life a collaborative environment of practical and rigorous and fun learning.

Dennis Sykes Principal of the Actors Co. is a professional actor with a double degree in Arts and Law. He is extensively trained in: Stanislavsky, Method, Meisner and Chekhov techniques, having trained with the some of America's and Australia's finest teachers, coaches, directors and choreographers.