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Astrid Boot - Medium Healer Therapist



31 McKenzie Ave
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Did you have life experiences that block your happiness and do you want to change, improve and transform them so you're feeling happier, relaxed, confident and have direction in your life again?

Here's a list of life experiences I can help you with:

- you feel stuck;

- you noticed you're going around in circles about your work, relationship, finances or health, and you want to break through these circles;

- you have a habit you want to change;

- you have to choose a direction but don't have clarity which way to go;

- you suffer from a loss or traumatic life experience and want to release feelings and emotions;

- you have a fear or phobia that you want to get rid of; you carry anger inside and you want to release it;

- you don't know what your true heart's desires are and you want to connect with them;

- you are always there for others and forgot about your own personal needs, now you want to change that and put yourself on top of your priority list;

- you feel other people are crossing your boundaries and you want to change this;

- you want to stand up for yourself in a confident way; you put yourself down and want to change this into loving yourself and feeling worthy and deserving.

If we work together I'll help you to find out what's blocking you, to release your blockages on a deep level so that they are gone for good, which makes you get unstuck and break through your circles, to connect with what your heart desires, to trust your feelings (intuition), and to take control of your life back in your own hands again to move forward. With Spiritual Therapy (using hypnotherapy, regression therapy, Inner Child Work and EFT and; EMDR tapping), energy healing and my psychic abilities and intuition I'll help you heal yourself. Your body knows exactly in which order healing needs to take place, so we'll follow what your body has to tell you.

I work with adults and children and am based in Wollongong. I can also work with you through Skype, by phone or by email by using your photo. Are you ready to start your change today? Then contact me on 0410 046 766 or email me. I'm looking forward to working with you so that you can enjoy your life fully!

Days Available: Mon-Fri, 9.30 am-2.30 pm, evenings and weekend times available