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Wollongong Central, Globe Lane, 200 Crown Street
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Kürtősh house is the culmination of yearning to recreate what home feels like – comfortable, cozy, relaxing, flawed, unquestionably accepting, eclectic & sweet.


The name Kürtősh comes from Kürtőskalács – a traditional Hungarian pastry famously known as chimney cake. Boasting the perfect harmony of caramelised crispy flaky outer with soft inner walls, the cylindrical yeast pastry is often sold as street snacks from carts all over Hungary.

Today, this sweet nosh forms one of many distinctive charms of Kürtősh house. Passersby often stop in their tracks to watch with their eyes widening with growing curiosity, the chef with a giant rolling pin & a thin ribbon of dough. From the chef’s expert nudge of the hand, the dough effortlessly coils around the rolling pin ready to be baked to sweet golden goodness.

As if by a knee-jerk reaction to feed their senses, many step inside the Kürtősh house, letting their noses to guide them to the trays full of freshly baked pastries & delicious cakes by the slab. Neither the indecisive nor those with a penchant for variety need to fret as cakes & slices are all sold by the weight.

Make yourself at home & feed your memory with appetite for all things yummy as gluttonous curiosity is to be explored at Kürtősh house.

Days Available: Monday - Sunday 9am - 10pm

Location: Wollongong Central, Globe Lane, 

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