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The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre - Figtree Private Hospital

Postnatal support service for new parents.



1 Suttor Place
Figtree, New South Wales, 2525

The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre’s popular support program, has helped hundreds of families to establish positive sleep, settling and feeding routines.

Located at Figtree Private Hospital, it is the Illawarra’s only residential postnatal support service for babies from 28 days to 2 years of age - a convenient treatment option.

The centre’s intensive five night inpatient support program offers a safe haven for parents and babies who are having a difficult time, offering an accessible inpatient program, close to home.

Families can be supported through parenting home visits, participation in day program education or admission to the hospital’s intensive inpatient program - each designed to improve family health and wellbeing.
The centre can assist with the following issues:
  • Sleep and settling
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Developing daily routines
  • Maternal exhaustion
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Adjusting to parenting

The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre’s experienced team of midwives, nurses and GPs deliver an integrated care approach, working in partnership with families to develop a sustainable, individualised action plan. Personalised treatment is coupled with group education, helping to strengthen confidence and empower caregivers in their parenting journey.

Figtree Private Hospital provides a welcoming and calm environment, with newly renovated patient accommodation and both indoor and outdoor play areas for your child.

A referral is required from your GP, Paediatrician or Child & Family Health Nurse to access the Illawarra Early Parenting Centre inpatient program. Please visit your chosen health professional to request a referral.

Connecting you with reliable parenting advice
The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre is now on Instagram. Follow @earlyparentingcentre for useful parenting tips and advice to help you navigate the complex path of parenthood.

For sleep deprived parents, social media can be a minefield of unrealistic images of seemingly flawless families. Scrolling through squares of picture-perfect mums and bubs, it’s easy to feel dejected and wonder why parenting is effortless for others, yet so difficult for you.

Through our Instagram page we aim to bring together an understanding community of mums and dads who share the common belief that parenting can be rewarding – but it is also tough! We offer parenting information and tips from our experienced team, supported by trusted resources, to help you navigate the challenges of raising your tribe.

Days/Hours: Five-day inpatient program.

If you would like find out more and discuss how the centre can best help you, enquiries can be made to Figtree Private Hospital by calling (02) 4255 5000 or email [email protected]