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Wollongong Conservatorium of Music


Wollongong Conservatorium of Music, Gleniffer Brae, Murphys Avenue
Keiraville, New South Wales, 2500

What began in 1972 as a provider of music education with classes run out of a local church building in the mall, the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music has become an icon of the community.

In the early days, students at the Conservatorium such as the young Richard Tognetti received a training rooted in the long history of European classical music alongside more progressive methods such as Suzuki.

Today the program embraces a wide range of musical genres – from world music to jazz, from classical to contemporary.

In 1980 the Childhood Music Education program (ChiME) was launched and to this day the program is considered one of the most successful programs in the Conservatorium’s history. ChiME ignites a lifelong passion for music among the youngest in our community. Literally thousands of children have benefitted from this program. CLICK HERE to learn more about the ChiME program.

In 1988 the Transition Year program was developed, to provide young children with hands-on experience of a variety of instruments to establish which instrument the student was most likely to enjoy and succeed at. It remains the only program of its kind in NSW offering this type of musical assessment. CLICK HERE for more information.

Our new Junior Strings Program (JSP) will provide a strong musical foundation for young students at WollCon who are learning a string instrument. The first of its kind in NSW, the program is a year-long commitment where dedicated students will be fully immersed in a musical experience. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Junior Strong Program (JSP).

  • Training with experienced staff
  • First string ensemble experience
  • Learn to read music
  • Performance opportunities

The BlueScope Youth Orchestra remains the driving force for developing our local young orchestral talent into successful musicians. BlueScope’s support of the Orchestra represents the longest running corporate sponsorship for the arts in Australia. CLICK HERE for more information.

In 2001 the jazz program really flourished, in particular the school jazz program, visiting jazz artists to Wollongong and international tours of the Conservatorium’s bands.

As an NDIS provider, WollCon is also proud to offer a Music Therapy program. In Music Therapy sessions, music is used to actively support people of all ages to manage their physical and mental health and enhance their quality of life. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Music Therapy Program.

And for adults we have a string group, an orchestra, a community ‘band’ (Curious Rendition Orchestra) as well as the Conchords – our adult community choir. Together they explore a wealth of music styles and perform across Wollongong and further afield. People love the social aspect of belonging to one of our Adult Ensembles as well as the expert music tuition they receive. The beauty of our adult ensembles is that they welcome and accommodate people of all different abilities. CLICK HERE to learn more about our adult ensembles.

We welcome everyone – from infants to older adults – to learn, play, perform and experience the joy of making music. We offer individual tuition on musical instruments for people of all ages and abilities, group activities for people who are just beginning their musical journey, to community ensembles and choirs as well as Youth Orchestras and Bands.

For 50 years, WollCon has been providing positive change through music.

You too can be part of the musical community, regardless of musical ability. CLICK HERE  to make an enquiry now about our music programs available.