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Xtreme B-Force Martial Arts

Start Your Child's Martial Arts Journey Today! Adults and all abilities classes too!



37 Bethlehem St
Cringila, New South Wales, 2502

A family-friendly, encouraging and inclusive premier training centre for aspiring martial artists for 4 years right up to adults!

Xtreme B-Force Martial Arts in Cringila is a family-owned-and-operated modern training centre that offers martial arts and karate programs for kids, teens, and adults. With our centre’s family-friendly environment and the positive and encouraging experiences that we create, we can guarantee that you will love our classes.

What Makes Us Different From Your Average Martial Arts School?
Aside from providing excellent service, we are also committed to giving individual attention to each student by holding personal and intimate classes. This way, we can be more effective in addressing their specific needs.

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Classes we offer!
The various karate and martial arts classes that our experienced martial arts athletes teach are:

  • Kids’ Martial Arts Class (Ages 4 to 6)
  • Kids’ Martial Arts Class (Ages 7 to 12)
  • Teens and Adults’ Martial Arts Class (Ages 13 and Above)
  • Muay Thai Class
  • Extreme Weapons/Tumbling
  • Bully Proofing for Kids
  • Self Defence

Days/Hours: Monday - Thursday.

Martial Arts For Kids, Teens & Adults
Want your child to learn respect, manners, self- control or confidence? At Xtreme B- Force Martial Arts we do exactly that and more! We encourage children to make new friends in a family friendly environment while learning motor skills such as hand and eye coordination. We teach our students the importance of Stranger Danger and Fire Awareness, as well as educate students about Bullying and the right and wrong thing to do and having a positive attitude.

  • We teach our students how to defend themselves against a wide range of techniques such as punches, kicks, and grabs. 
  • Our Teens and Adult students are taught a range of skills such as punches, kicks, rolls, strikes, throws, locks and self-defence - plus they contain a good balance in fitness, strength, coordination and self-defence all in one.   

Whether you are interested in self-defence, weight loss, improving your coordination or strength our Teen and Adult Karate classes are for you! Get in touch with us online HERE or ring us on (02) 4268 8679 to get started on your martial arts journey!