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Best Skateparks for Kids/Teens in Wollongong and Illawarra

Here in the Illawarra we are blessed with some pretty choice skateparks up and down the coast. Every park is FREE and each offers different levels of challenge to inspire our kids and teens. Got to be one of the best ways to let them be free from screens (without any drama!)

Skateparks offer awesome fitness and fun for all ages, and help develop and enhance balance and motor skills. Plus, the culture and sense of community in the local skate scene is heartwarming to be around.

Whether you bring the kids’ bike, scooter or skateboard, from pre-schoolers to teen gatherings, here are our HOTTEST SKATEPARKS in the Illawarra:

Also, click here to check out this Wollongong Skatepark Etiquette and Safety PDF – written by skaters to keep the skater community safe and united.

Fairy Meadow: Guest Park, 2 Cambridge Ave, Fairy Meadow 2519

Image courtesy of Skater Maps

A great choice for all ages, it’s a decent size, with a vert ramp that is still in very good condition and a large, mellow concrete slab with an open bowl kind of style.

For littler groms this layout can be a bit tricky with lots of skaters crossing from one bank to the other at the same time — the park is often busy and highly popular with teens so younger kids will need close supervision 🙂 Fairy Meadow is considered the OG skatepark in the ‘Gong!

Ample green fields to kick a ball in after, plus a bonus remote controlled car track is next door! Bring a picnic and make a day of it!

Berkeley – Holborn Park Skatepark, Berkeley NSW 2506

Image courtesy of Skater Maps

Super fun skate park! Our sweet favourite and the spot my little one learnt to skate. Holborn has the smoothest painted concrete – which is wonderful for all ages and levels (and also means you slide instead of grate when you come off a board – I speak from experience!) The park has an open flow layout which is great for little ones building their confidence. There is a semi separate bowl which means that “big kids” are often out of the way of little kids which works well.

Culture down here is so good, grown up skaters always patient and happy to lend a hand to the little ones which is lovely to see. Lake views to boot… A good bank section, a big selection of transitions – ledges, rails etc. 10/10 would recommend.

Note: The loo here is traditionally pretty gross, we usually jump in the car and head a few hundred metres east on Northcliffe Drive to the public toilets at the Port Kembla Sailing Club. Much cleaner!

Unanderra Skatepark, Central Rd, Unanderra NSW 2526

skate park

The Unanderra Bowl is the definition of old school. This little piece of history is terrific fun — a more basic, gentle bowl choice, good for a bit of a practice pump around on a bike too.

We would say it’s better for beginners and younger bike / scooter riders. It isn’t usually super busy so you’ll often get the place to yourself!

Shellharbour Skatepark, Pioneer Park, Addison St, Shellharbour NSW 2529

Image courtesy of Skater Maps

Having undergone a recent impressive upgrade, this spacious, enclosed concrete bowl with sweet street course and interesting tight quarter, is a huge hit with small and big kids alike!

One of the best skateparks in the area, (though some argue that the design has some wasted space) Good for bikes and scooters as well as boards. There is a big mix of ages and experience here, so the vibes are always inclusive. Well worth a visit.

Albion Park Rail Skate Park

Image courtesy of Skater Maps

This small, standard kinda 90’s era skatepark has the basics covered. A variety of quarters and banks with some street features in the middle. We haven’t had too much experience here, but it’s good mellow fun for confident riders who love to muck around.

Port Kembla DIY Skatepark

Image courtesy of Skater Maps

The Port Kembla DIY Skatepark has attracted a lot of attention recently. This homemade beauty is the work of local Wollongong skaters and is – unusually – out in the open for everyone to enjoy. In the past the mini ramp and street sections have been favourites of ours. We heard the Council had decided to remove the skatepark but on our last visit it was still intact!

Close enough to the beach and to make a day of it!

Wollongong Youth Services

Image courtesy of Skater Maps

If you have older kids and teens who might like a session in the city, check out the DIY mini park out the front of Wollongong Youth Services. The surface is brick (!) and there are a good selection of professionally made street obstacles, including quarters and banks. Definitely one for experienced riders, but always popular. We love the basketball court too.

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