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What to do in Wollongong in the rain. Your wet, cold weather guide to the Illawarra

What to do with Kids in Wollongong (when it’s COLD!)

Facing the Illawarra winds and rain is no easy feat for parents with young kids. I would know! Miss Aria,6 and Mr Noah,9 keep me on my toes. Their constant drone of the most beloved phrase a mother could ever hear, ‘I’m bored,’ drives me crazy.

So in typical mum fashion, I use Parents Guide Illawarra as the go to resource for What’s On For Kids across Wollongong. The only thing lacking was a Winter edition! Without any more fluff here is the undisputed list of best Kids Activities in Wollongong For Cold, Windy & Rainy Days. Or the list as my 6 and 9 year old see it – which is the best kind of authority I can think of!

HARS Aviation Museum

One of the Illawarra’s best kept secrets for a great family-friendly day out!

The HARS Aviation Museum, located at Shellharbour Regional Airport in Albion Park (just over an hour by road South of Sydney), is a fantastic local tourist attraction that showcases some of Australia’s aviation history, right here in the Illawarra.

You can board many of their aircraft and even sit in the pilot’s seat of an F111 supersonic fighter. The museum offers families a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with the aeroplanes, walk through the hangars, sit in some of the cockpits and even explore some of the planes on display. There is even a great cafe on site (Cafe Connie) for a pit stop for hungry little tummies while taking a break from all the busy plane gazing (kids menu too) as well as coffee, cold drinks and ice creams.

Click here for all the details!

Hangdog Indoor Rock Climbing

If, like me, you’re too scared to go to Hangdog because the thought of a harness and kids in ropes scares the life out of you – don’t be!

This is definitely one of our regular go to family places, especially in the Winter wind and rain. Instead of driving you mad at home when they’re bored, because it’s so miserable outside, get them indoor rock climbing. Kids get to climb walls – quite literally – and the staff help you with everything.

It’s a lot easier than I thought and only $20 for 3 hours of climbing with a Harness for Under 12s. My kids love to race their friends up the walls or go cave exploring in the kid’s caves. I get asked to come here almost every afternoon by my two so I’d say this is definitely a favourite.

Click to get the details here at Hangdog Rock Climbing Gym 

(02) 4243 7800 / 130 Auburn St, Coniston

Revolution Laser Tag

According to my very delicate daughter (not), this is the place she wants to live in when we move out. She’s been obsessed with Laser Tag at Revolution since she was 4. Her goal is to beat her 9 year old brother every time they go in. Completely sheltered from the wind and rain,

Revolution is a gaming style bunker. It  has THE BEST laser tag experience around. My saving grace was when they removed their paid games and installed FREE arcade games. Now there’s no more pestering about money for games. Instead there’s lots more time for me to throw my airpods in and work (when I’m not up there knocking them off the leaderboard).

Biggest win to date – it’s licensed so now I can enjoy a wine whilst they play behind closed doors.

Kids Laser Revolution – Wollongong’s top family fun destination.

Click to read more about Revolution Laser Arena (02) 4243 7801 1 / 2 Drummond St, Spring Hill

Science Space Wollongong

I say this all the time – we are so lucky to live in this incredible part of the world! Who else has a hands-on Science Museum that can keep kids engrossed for hours? My kids prefer this to the Powerhouse Museum any day of the week.

We’ve been coming here rain, hail or shine since my eldest was 3 and we still come here now that he’s 9. Each time he discovers something new and rediscovers an old passion. Aria’s assessment – best place to shoot things into the air and not get into trouble. If you’ve never been here before – it’s completely indoors, spread across 2 floors (yep there’s a lift for anyone requiring mobility access) and has dedicated spaces like the Planetarium, STEM, dinosaur exhibits and much more.

Your kids will never be bored here. They also have a little cafe or you can bring your own food. The storage area is fantastic if you bring the kitchen sink like I do.

The outdoor seating area is amazing (even with a little drizzle). I recommend buying tickets to the shows throughout the day. My kids love how interactive and hands-on the shows are!

Click to read more about Science Space Wollongong (02) 4286 5000 Innovation Campus, 60 Squires Way, North Wollongong

Interactive FUN at Science Space – Wollongong

Wollongong Art Gallery

I completely believe in exposing kids to everything from STEM, to sport, to gaming and art! As an ex High School teacher I see the value in having an appreciation for art at every point of a child’s life. We are so privileged to have access to the Wollongong Art Gallery.

When it’s cold and rainy outside, get in here. If you’re a mum of a 3-5 year old, you’re in luck! The Gallery hosts Junior Art Trail, a fun and FREE tour, twice a month for them. I highly recommend it. The kids love seeing the artworks but more so love the creativity they get to express themselves. Added bonus, no art mess for you to clean up at home.

When: the second Friday of every month, 10:00am to 11:0oam.  

Click to read more about Wollongong Art Gallery (02) 4227 8506 46 Kembla St, Wollongong

Get your art on – family fun at Wollongong Art Gallery

Best Play Centres For Kids Wollongong

Tabatinga Dapto Leagues Club

Do yourself a favour, if it’s raining on a Friday or Saturday night and you’re about to run to Woollies for sanity, go to Tabatinga instead! This place has everything you need, 7 days a week, and something extremely special for the wet weekend evenings.

For the cost of a kid’s meal you can take your kids to Drop and Dine where they feed and supervise them for 4 hours. You then get to head off and enjoy an adult dinner with friends in the club. Genius!

If you panic a little at the thought of ‘Drop and Go’ remember that it’s closed off (no parents allowed in) and you have to be on premises the whole time. There are two requirements though, it’s only for 3+ and they have to be toilet trained.

Outside of this, Tabatinga is unreal any other day of the week for all ages. It has everything from bumper cars to Ninja courses for the kids and free Wi-Fi for you. The perfect Winter hideout!

Click to read more about Tabatinga Dapto Leagues Club (02) 4261 1333 – Station Street &, Bong Bong Rd, Dapto

Let us know if this list is missing any great venues to escape the wind and rain from in the Illawarra! I’m always on the hunt for somewhere new to take my two kids to and to recommend to friends who are visiting! Happy discovering. Click and sIgn up for our Parents Newsletter here. Get all the local inspo!