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Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra

There are so many amazing parks and playgrounds in our beautiful part of the world! Here at Parent’s Guide Illawarra, we have searched for the best toddler-friendly playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra.

As a local mum writing for Parents Guide Illawarra, I’ve seen my kids tackle all the play equipment, and they all got a big thumbs up! These playgrounds have safe equipment that’s low to the ground, places your littles can play until their heart is content and where you know they’ll be safe.

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Wollongong Botanic Gardens Playground, Keiraville.

Murphys Avenue, Keiraville.

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Wollongong Botanic Gardens Playground, Keiraville.

Fully enclosed and within the beautiful Wollongong Botanic Garden. There are two sandpits, a maze, a low slide, a fenced ramp for running, and swings. Beyond the playground are toilets, a coffee van, and a street library. Bring frozen peas or vegetables (no bread) and feed the ducks, eels, and water dragons.

Stuart Park Playground, Wollongong.

Cliff Road, Wollongong.

This park has a high slide, which little kids might wander towards. Besides this, there are heaps of low-play equipment for kids to explore. The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant is close by for takeaway coffee or lunch. The lagoon nearby is not fenced, so you will need to be vigilant if you have a runner – however, the playground is a fair distance from the water. There are toilets just past the restaurant, a short walk away. This playground has hammocks, swings, a bike/scooter track, and more.

Luke’s Place Playground, Corrimal.

Princes Highway, Corrimal.

Fully enclosed and catering to little kids, this playground has a cool train to play on. It also has low slides, swings, and a roundabout to spin on. Toilets are located inside the Corrimal Plaza Shopping Centre next door. There are also lots of nice cafes to choose from for takeaways and a spot of lunch for little bellies.

Guest Park Playground, Fairy Meadow.

Cambridge Avenue, Fairy Meadow.

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Guest Park Playground, Fairy Meadow.

While not fully enclosed, it does have a fence. Right next to the skate park, this playground has lots for younger children, including climbing equipment, an in-ground trampoline, a play shop, and a slide. The slide is medium-sized. Depending on your little one’s adventurous side, they might love it, or it might be too high.

William Beach Reserve Playground, Brownsville.

Prince Edward Drive, Brownsville.

Surrounded by Mullet Creek and with a shade sail for added shade (always good at a playground). This park has heaps of low-play equipment, including a nest swing and water play. There’s lots of grass to play on too. This playground is partially enclosed and is away from the road. This is a beautiful, quiet area to take the kids. There are no cafes close by, but there are toilet facilities.

Charles Harper Park Playground, Helensburgh.

Parkes Street, Helensburgh.

This is a beautiful nature playground with lots of low equipment. This one is not enclosed. It has a Ninja-Warrior-style obstacle course, climbing equipment, a cool tunnel and more. There are toilets a short walk away, cafes on the main street, and the free swimming pool is next door.

Cringila Hills Playground, Cringila.

21 Lackawanna Street, Cringila.

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Cringila Hills Playground

A unique feature of this park is Gudgad the Greedy Frog, a giant book that tells the story of its namesake. A braille version is available as well. This playground is fully fenced. It has lots of equipment suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. These include a creek, swings, and equipment to spin on.

Dimond Brothers Playground, Dapto.

38 Bong Bong Road, Horsley.

Right next to the skate park for the older kids. This park has excellent play equipment for toddlers and preschool-aged kids, with a trampoline, swings, low climbing equipment and low slides. No toilets on site, though, and this playground isn’t enclosed.

Integral Energy Playground, Kembla Grange.

88 Darkes Road, Kembla Grange.

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Integral Energy Playground, Kembla Grange.

Although this playground isn’t enclosed, it is a reasonable distance from the car park. There are heaps of great play equipment for all ages here. But for the littlies, there’s lots to do, low slides, swings, and open grassed areas for running around. There are toilets, BBQ facilities, and water for refilling drink bottles. There’s also a covered area with tables for lunch or morning tea. There are no cafes close by, so bring your own or grab one on your way there.

Gerringully Park Playground, Horsley.

Bong Bong Road, Horsley.

A playground for younger kids, this park has a range of equipment perfect for young children, with equipment to climb on, low slides and swings, and fine motor play. There are no toilets at this playground, and it is not enclosed.

Holborn Park Playground, Berkeley.

9 Holborn Street, Berkeley.

This is a great park with lots to climb on and explore. The swings are a favourite and a mixture of slide heights. This playground is on the water’s edge and isn’t fenced. It sheltered picnic tables next to the park. It is near a skate park with paths for scooters, bikes and prams. Toilets are available near the skate park.

Dragon Park Playground, Figtree.

Princes Highway Figtree (Opposite Figtree Community Centre)

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Dragon Park, Figtree

This playground has lots of great play equipment for young kids. It isn’t enclosed but is a good distance from the road. There are toilets onsite.

Kanahooka Playground.

Lakeside Drive, Kanahooka.

There’s plenty of equipment to explore here. Some of these include swings, mini trampolines and water play. Next to Lake Illawarra and not fenced, but it provides a lovely feel.

King George V Playground, Port Kembla.

Lot 1, Cowper Street, Port Kembla.

Equipment here includes things to spin on, swings, and low-to-the-ground slides. There are toilets across the road. It isn’t enclosed but is next to the cricket pitch and feels green and safe. Port Kembla is close by too.

Towradgi Beach Playground.

2 Towradgi Road, Towradgi.

Here there are junior and senior play areas. This playground is great for families with different-aged kids. The park is next to the ocean pool and beach. It has BBQ facilities and toilets onsite. The shade sail covers the toddler equipment. There’s a good selection of play equipment here, from things that spin, swings, and slides.

Nicholson Park Playground, Woonona.

Park Road, Woonona.

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Nicholson Park, Woonona.

This playground is opposite the beach and has toilets onsite. Some of the equipment includes water play facilities, climbing equipment, swings, low slides, and a flying fox. There is a cafe across the road which has fantastic takeaway options.

Strachan Park Playground, Woonona.

Princes Highway, Woonona.

Newly refurbished and fully enclosed (thank goodness!), it is excellent for little ones. All the play equipment here is toddler or preschooler friendly. Everything is low to the ground and feels very safe. There are toilets onsite and cafes (and a bakery) close by.

Austinmer Beach Playground.

Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Austinmer.

Fully enclosed and across the road from both the beach and great cafes. This playground is a good option for younger kids. It does have a higher slide, but it also has a small slide and lots of low-to-the-ground equipment to play on. Mostly shady, this playground is an excellent choice for hot days.

Bulli Beach Playground.

Trinity Row, Bulli.

Best Toddler-friendly Playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra – Bulli Beach Playground.

Newly refurbished, this playground is great for little ones. Surprisingly, a new fence and shade weren’t included with the new equipment. But this is still a wonderful place for kids to explore and have a great, fun time. The equipment is primarily low to the ground, with one bigger slide. There is a roundabout, trampolines, small slides, swings and little shops for role play. Next door, there is Bulli Beach Cafe. It has great coffee, ice creams, and toilets underneath it (on the beach side).

Thirroul Beach Reserve Playground.

Cliff Parade, Thirroul.

There’s a range of equipment here, but much for littles to do. This playground has swings, natural climbing equipment, low slides, and a small track for bikes or scooters. It has a water fountain for drink bottles. It’s also next to the beach and the free saltwater public swimming pool, which has a great toddler pool. Toilets are at the beach, next to the Thirroul Beach Pavilion Cafe.

Best Enclosed & Gated Parks for Illawarra Kids

If you want playgrounds that are completely enclosed where little ones can’t escape, you can read our guide to the best gated/fenced playgrounds in Wollongong and the Illawarra here.

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About the Author: Lisa Hagan
Lisa grew up in Thirroul and is a mum of four children. A student to life, Lisa loves learning and searching for the most fun things to do with her kids. She loves exploring the Illawarra and surrounds. Searching for fun and educational activities are her favourites for her kids whom she homeschools. 

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