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Birthing Love Doula Services



341 B73
Bowral, New South Wales, 2576

My name is Kelly Pyne and I am a mother to 6 wonderful children.

I was blessed with 6 very different birth experiences (including hospital induced, hospital sponteneous and planned home birth). Each left me feeling empowered and taught me something different. I will cherish these experiences for the rest of my life. These experiences laid the foundations for my doula journey.

As your doula, my aim is to help support your decision for the birth of your baby. I can provide information on many pregnancy, birth and post natal matters. I do not replace your care provider (midwife/doctor/

obstetrician), but rather work with them to help support you and your choices. I believe education to be the foremost important factor to any expectant parents. Being completely informed of your choices and rights during pregnancy and childbirth will help make for a much better outcome. One that you feel you had total control over.

I believe in a woman's ability to birth her baby naturally, but also feel that no matter how a woman chooses to birth her baby, she should be fully supported. The journey into motherhood is a huge transition. It's not all about how the baby is born, but helping to support parents on this life-changing journey.