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CIY.CLUB (Code it Yourself)



Cnr Woolworths Avenue & Commerce Drive
Warilla, New South Wales, 2528

Technology is the digital playground of children today. Almost every child has access to a digital device, but we want Australian kids to be able to create technology, not just consume it.

Digital Technologies is becoming compulsory to teach to Primary age children as of next year, so why not get a head start and attend one of our popular Game Coding, Minecraft Team Play, 3D Printing & Design, Website Design Camps or join our CIY Club.

At CIY.Club, children train to be creators of technology. We have something for all ages (7-17) and various streams of exciting content for learners at all levels, from beginners to tech heads. All technology is supplied, with professional coach(es) at every session.

We are constantly surprised at the amazing apps children are able to make when given the best tools and software to use and shown how to use them.

ScopeIT Education and CIY.Club are pleased to announce that we are an official partner and service provider under the NSW Government, Creative Kids program! From the 1st of January 2019, parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old - CLICK HERE to find out more about how to claim your Creative Kids Rebate for CIY Club.

Want to know more why CIY Club is so popular with boys and girls?
CIY.CLUB (Code It Yourself Club)
Join the CIY.Club community and attend a Full Day Club session or join our After School Club. Our young Coders are embarking on a journey which will see them Learn, Train and Master skills for the future. Pathways start at the basics, from Game Coding and 3D design. Their progression may open doors to more advanced challenges in these topics, as well as Website Creation, Robotics or App Design. Just like a karate club, coders will progress through a structured leveling system where they complete achievements to earn their next coloured armband. The coders work at their own pace in the club so you can attend as many full day club's as you wish. They can then continue their journey at our regular 1hr After School Coding Club's

Learn the basics of computer coding and game creation. We teach you how to make your very first computer game, and in just one day you will be able to put together a few different games including graphics and basic coding to make it interactive. You can take your games home and continue to develop them. Both Game Coding Camps are for beginners but with different content, so you will make different games in each. You can choose to come to one or two, it's up to you!

Learn to code with Minecraft and undertake exciting challenges with team mates! Why not combine a child's love of Minecraft with team building, problem solving and competitive activities. Children will then unleash their creative minds as they learn how to manipulate the Minecraft world using coding! ***PLEASE NOTE: Coders do not need to have an existing Minecraft user account. CIY.Club uses 'Minecraft Education' edition and will provide a temporary account for each coder to use for the duration of the event.

Imagine being able to design, create and customise your very own website using this excellent introductory day camp. Learn the basics of website design, a widely sought after skill in todays tech age! We teach you how to design a website from scratch utilising one of today's most engaging and popular design systems. You will be able to make your very own custom website and you will be able to load it in a browser. Design your own colours, images and menus whilst being introduced to the basics of website development. After just one day, your website can be fully functional. You can take your website home and continue to develop it.

Learn the basics of three dimensional design. Coders get an exciting opportunity to experience a new technology that is changing the way we view, imagine and interact with the world around us. With the ability to now print using over 250 materials, things like toys, houses, food, jewellery, cars, clothing, prosthetics and even jet engines are now in reach of our creative fingertips! We show you how to move and stretch shapes into bigger more complex objects. With a few tricks and tips, you will be creating amazing 3D things in just one day!

Days/Hours: After School and School Holiday Workshops

Koby, Oak Flats Public School, Year 4

1. How did you get into coding?
ScopeIT Education came to my school and I participated in their Beginner and Intermediate Coding Courses. I liked it so much, that I continued to code at home!

2. How long have you been with CIY.Club?
This is going to be my 2nd term.

3. What colour armband are you?
Green which is the third level.

4. Please tell me about the game you created, what have you called it and what inspired you?
I called it “Into the Dungeon of Doom” I guess I was inspired from games like Zelda and Undertail as I like those sort of games. The reason I made this game was because of my CIY Coach Michael, he was impressed with my coding and pushed me to make it before I levelled up to green level in the club.

5. How can people play your game?
By following this link which will take them to my game on Scratch.

6. You also have some mad skills with 3D design in Tinkercad, what did you make?
Yes, I really enjoyed the Tinkercad achievements in the orange level so I made Yoshi from Mario Brothers, Links Shield from Zelda and a Chinese Temple.

7. What do you like most about CIY.Club?
It's just fun! I like doing the achievements as they teach me about coding and other technology based things.

CLICK HERE to download C.I.Y Club's Armband Level Program that Koby talks about in the above interview!