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Coding Classes

Coding Classes for kids

Project Bucephalus - Term 2, 2022 now open for enrolments

Would you like to find out how to build a LEGO® model that can move, speak and think by itself? Would you like to discover a…See Listing

Devika Learning

Moving content consumers to content creators! Devika Learning provides workshops in game development, website development, coding, 3D modelling and virtual reality to students and schools.…See Listing

CIY.CLUB (Code it Yourself)

Technology is the digital playground of children today. Almost every child has access to a digital device, but we want Australian kids to be able…See Listing

RoboLink Education

Bringing STEMspiration to Illawarra kids! RoboLink Education is the Illawarra’s leading STEM education service, delivering lessons in and out of school hours to hundreds of…See Listing