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Illawarra Studios - Art, Music, Yoga



22 Kanangra Dr
Thirroul, New South Wales, 2515

We believe in guiding independent creative self-expression. Whether it’s art, music or yoga, individuality expressed through choice & control is central to our program design:

  • Content is generated collaboratively: we recognise and celebrate that creative goals differ from person to person. Our students actively contribute ideas about what (and how) they would like to learn to ensure that subjects, themes, materials & practices are explored that genuinely resonate and are truly meaningful.
  • Structured activities are tailored meaningfully: while expressive freedom is a focus of our programs, we provide structured activities to assist our students to transform ideas and goals into reality. Tailored to individual interest & ability, these activities provide practical tools to build skills & techniques, self-expressive confidence and growth.
  • Context provides personal connection: helping to place individual creativity in a meaningful context, our educational materials bridge our students’ creative identity to other inspirational identities. We discuss exciting ideas of renowned artists, musicians & yogis throughout history, providing connection to new and relatable creative worlds.