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29 Kiora Rd
Miranda, New South Wales, 2228

Clinical Psychologists at Miranda’s Kiora Psychotherapy listen to your issues and provide suggestions on how to change your feelings, thoughts and actions.

Having someone listen to you can help you reflect on what’s going on. This can often be enough to bring about change. Then suggestions can help you change what needs to be changed to bring about the life you want to have.

If negative feelings and experiences are dominating your life then finding new ways to feel, think and act can reduce those feelings and make your life happier and better. Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to explore different perspectives giving a clearer understanding of your situation so you can explore different options. It provides a confidential and safe place.

Kiora Psychotherapy’s Clinical Psychologists, Michael Guy and Judy Sinclair, now provide a specialised treatment plan for Panic Attacks. They also provide treatment for other anxiety problems, depression, stress, trauma and PTSD, insomnia, drug and alcohol problems, and family issues.