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Matilda's Farmyard Nursery



New South Wales
Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Having a childs birthday party?

Let Matilda's Mobile Farmyard Nursery entertain you.

Hands on fun for children of all ages.

We will bring to you a lovely selection of farm animals such as a miniature pony, lambs, kids, older sheep and goats, a piglet, a calf, rabbits, chickens, ducks and guinea pigs.

A fully supervised visit from Matilda's Nursery will make your childs party a truly unique experience. Activities for the children will include bottle feeding lambs and kids, hand feeding goats and calf, nursing baby chickens and ducks, patting a piglet.

Available for playgroups, nursing homes, kindergartens and parties.

Film and T.V. work, shopping centres, church functions and many more.

We also do pony parties

Matilda's Farmyard Nursery is fully authorised by the Department of Primary Industries Lic. No. A090, and meets all insurance requirements We guarantee our quality all year round.