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Physiotherapists specialising in areas that affect pre-natal and post-natal women, babies and young children (such as pelvic floor issues, exercise during pregnancy, lower back pain, labour preparation, babies with flat heads, delayed crawling or walking, co-ordination, knock knees, toilet issues & disability issues) in the Wollongong / Illawarra

igknight Pty Ltd - Supporting Locals Living with Disability.

Need expert and compassionate Carers, Mentors, Speech Pathology or Allied Health Assistance? igknight is a registered NDIS provider and aims to help find a person’s…See Listing

Unique Kids Clinic

Unique Kids Clinic is a Paediatric service in the Illawarra, offering Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy in a custom built space. The clinic creates a unique…See Listing

Sydney Physioclinic

Sydney Physio Clinic is Established in 2013. We Provide fast and effective physiotherapy services in Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. Sydney Physio Clinics assessment and treatment…See Listing

Suzy Lock Kids Physio

Suzy Lock Kids Physiotherapy in the Wollongong / Illawarra area helps babies and children with; flat head shape, delayed crawling or walking, poor coordination, awkward…See Listing

Phytness HealthCare

Phytness HealthCare offer a range of pre- and post-natal services from both the Campus and Fairy Meadow clinics including individual and small group pilates classes,…See Listing

Gerry Burns @ Northern Suburbs Physiotherapy

Gerry Burns @ Northern Suburbs Physiotherapy in the Wollongong / Ilawarra area works with children, please contact Gerry for more details.See Listing

Gerringong and Berry Physiotherapy

At Gerringong & Berry Physiotherapy; Belinda Henry – Physiotherapist with special interest in pelvic floor physio/women’s health Mark Burns – Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist and…See Listing

Corrimal Physiotherapy

Corrimal Physiotherapy assess and treat incontinence bladder and bowel, women and kids, pre and post natal physio and pelvic floor exercise classes. Corrimal Physiotherapy also…See Listing

Continent Kids

Physiotherapist Suzy Lock and Samantha Stephens provide individual assessment, education, empathy and support to help children conquer wees and poos. They can help children who…See Listing

Central Wollongong Physio Plus & Wollongong Nutrition Medicine

Central Wollongong Physio Plus provides a variety of services useful to couples trying to concieve, pregnant women and parents of young children, including: Physiotherapy, assessing…See Listing