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Pre-Natal Exercise

Pre Natal Fitness options for pregnant women including yoga, personal training, classes, pilates and more in Wollongong / Illawarra

Erika Steller Yoga and Mindfulness

With a deep respect for the ancient yoga tradition and practice of mindfulness, Erika aims to offer her students inspiration and empowerment, with a sense…See Listing

Radiant Soul Yoga

ABOUT US Leave all of your cares and concerns behind as you practise yoga in our beautiful, boutique yoga studio. Stretch and strengthen your body…See Listing

The Hamlin Shop (Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation)

The Hamlin Shop is an online store with stunning ethical and Fairtrade gifts from Africa. All proceeds support local artisans and the work of legendary…See Listing

Life Energy Yoga

At Life Energy we are honoured to share the gift and ancient teachings of yoga and meditation. We embrace the more recent studies of the…See Listing

Sandra Bolack Yoga

Having six children of her own Sandra is committed to preparing students for a positive birthing experience through an active natural birth via yoga. At…See Listing

Wollongong Pilates Studio

Wollongong Pilates Studio provides guided private sessions for pre and post pregnancy, to reduce low back strain, prepare for labour and promote recovery as well as Mums…See Listing

Yoga For Everybody

Welcome to Yoga for Everybody   Yoga classes taught in the Illawarra NSW. Day and evening classes for all levels, beginners to advanced, are held…See Listing

BaiMed BUBS Program

BaiMed BUBS is a program of 12 classes delivered monthly over the first year of your baby’s life. Each class aims to give parents handy…See Listing

Committed to the Core

There are many reasons people enjoy Yoga or Pilates. Yoga is great for calming the mind so the body can relax, ease tension, alleviate stress…See Listing

Kutumba Yoga

“Yoga is not just about Asana (postures), it’s about experiencing your body and mind on and off the mat. It’s the most powerful tool in…See Listing